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Episode #38: Ask the Primal Doctor – Q&A with Dr. Cate Shanahan


Description: Dr. Cate Shanahan hits the Q&A hard, offering interesting commentary on a variety of topics, especially those relating to hormones and longevity markers. Cate explains how one’s level of elastin is a major predictor of lifespan. Elastin is typically considered an important component of healthy skin. Losing elastin and collagen (a form of elastin that is also a major element of healthy skin) cause wrinkles, an obvious sign of aging. Elastin, however, is present in other cells such as those in joints and arteries. Losing elastin accelerates aging (arteries become stiffer and less resilient; joints become creakier and less fluid) and hastens demise. Across species, the typical half-life of elastin is a lifespan predictor. For example, the half-life of elastin in a dog is 10 years whereas it’s 75 years in humans.

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Episode #37: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson


Description: Mark Sisson is back in the Malibu studios for a free-form conversation with Brad Kearns about Mark’s latest fitness pursuits, recent developments and new products in the Primal Blueprint business, and the importance of balancing stress and rest when exercising.

Mark mentions that there is likely a holistic fix for virtually any overuse injury. He talks about how he has modified his gym weight lifting regimen and offers some stretching techniques to improve compromised joints. Mark also discusses how to modify exercise patterns based on sub par immune function and not being in the right headspace for an intense effort. He mentions a new comprehensive online multimedia educational program called Don’t Just Sit There, where he works together with Katy Bowman, MS, author of Move Your DNA, to help combat the problem of excessive stillness and lack of variation in the modern workplace. Mark also mentions the general trend of Primal Blueprint Publishing transitioning away from chopping down trees to print hard copy materials to delivering multimedia digital educational products instead.

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Episode #36: Primal Blueprint Expert Certification – Comprehensive Summary


Description: Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program director Brad Kearns presents a detailed description of the entire online course and its examinations. This recording includes a summary of the most frequently asked questions from prospective students, followed by a methodical review of the content in each of the 13 modules. Brad proceeds through the entire course, literally one module at a time, and gives you an overview of its main topics and some hints about the exams. He even tosses out a few actual exam questions!

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Episode #35: Interview with Elle Russ, Primal Blueprint Certified Expert and Personal Coach


Description: Elle joins host Brad Kearns to discuss her journey from chronic cardio sugar addict to primal success story, her completion of the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification as a critical beta tester, and her personal coaching services.

Elle was one of the first five graduates of the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program and made a tremendous contribution to the beta-testing program by scrutinizing and challenging assorted elements of the text and examinations. This helped clarify the official Primal Blueprint position and ensured that the examinations were a fair and relevant test of knowledge for students.

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Episode #34: Interview with Dr. Cate Shanahan of The Primal Advantage


Description: Dr. Cate talks about her experiences with Primal Advantage clients after the launch of the program in July. In particular, she discusses how traditional medical care is not structured to allow for the discussion of how diet and lifestyle elements affect disease patterns. Most family practice physicians are obliged to spend only 10 minutes with patients. This usually constrains doctors to only enough time to treat symptoms (rather than the cause of those symptoms) with prescription drugs that generate adverse side effects. Regarding blood tests, Cate mentions the recent disturbing headline about the UCLA meta-analysis that 75% of heart attack victims have LDL cholesterol readings in the “safe” or “normal” zone, and furthermore have no symptoms of heart disease until the actual heart attack.

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Episode #33: Introducing Mike Dilandro, Our First Primal Blueprint Certified Expert!


Description: Host Brad Kearns talks with Mike DiLandro of New Jersey, a Primal Blueprint success story and presenter of the Primal Transformation Seminar and at PrimalCon. Mike was also the very first graduate of the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program. Mike discusses how he came to try out the Primal Blueprint after becoming frustrated that his chronic cardio approach (10 gym workouts each week!) didn’t improve his body composition. After switching to a primal eating pattern and backing off the chronic cardio in favor of more intense workouts and more rest and recovery between intense workouts, Mike lost 25 pounds of excess body fat, ditched his statin medication and resolved his ongoing knee pain.

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Episode #32: Listener Questions and Answers with Mark Sisson


Description: Mark tackles a few challenging questions and gets deep into some of the main elements of primal living. First, he talks about how the conventional wisdom view of blood markers like LDL does not accurately reveal the true heart disease risk factors, and how it’s important to look at a bigger picture involving more relevant trackers like triglycerides-to-HDL ratio. He also discusses some drawbacks and side effects of statin use, particularly the depletion of CoQ10 and potentially compromised performance of cellular mitochondria accordingly.

Next, Mark tackles the question of the contrasting influence of primal eating versus high carbohydrate eating on one’s appetite and hunger levels. A diet promoting carbohydrate dependency will throw appetite out of whack and generate more hunger than an eating pattern that promotes fat and keto-adaptation – an enhanced ability to generate energy internally and be less reliant on external sources of energy. Carbohydrate dependency and a distorted appetite can also easily occur in a chronic exercise pattern, where the brain responds to the too-frequent depletion of energy and physical exhaustion by overeating.

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Episode #31: Mark Sisson Talks to Jimmy Moore About Keto Clarity


Description: Mark turns the tables on Jimmy Moore (host of the popular Livin’ La Vida Low Carb podcast, where he has interviewed nearly 1,000 guests!) as Jimmy discusses his new book, Keto Clarity. Jimmy reveals how eating to promote a state of nutritional ketosis can have therapeutic effects on mood, energy levels, and brain function, as well as powerful fat reduction benefits. This is particularly true for people who have been eating primal/Paleo/low-carb and become stalled out on their progress. Jimmy himself lost some 180 pounds through low carb eating, then started to explore the world of nutritional ketosis to make further progress and experience incidental benefits with great success.

Keto Clarity, which Jimmy wrote along with Dr. Eric Westman, details Jimmy’s intensive self-experimentation, including blood testing several times per day for a year, to identify the dietary patterns that allow him to remain in a prolonged ketone-burning and fat-burning state. In the discussion, Jimmy mentions the confusion around “low carb” diets, which can often take the shape of a high protein diet.

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Episode #30: Primal Thrills: An Excerpt From Award Winning Book, The Primal Connection


Description: Mark Sisson is back this week with host Brad Kearns to bring you yet another essay style podcast. This time Mark will be reading you a special excerpt of The Primal Connection. This follow-up to The Primal Blueprint goes far beyond diet and exercise; delving into lifestyle factors like sleep, sun, and play and their contribution to optimal gene expression. Since it’s publication, The Primal Connection has won numerous awards, including the bronze medal in the Health category from Foreword Magazine’s IndieFab Awards, two silver medals (Health and Body, Mind, & Spirit) from the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, and lastly, The Eric Hoffer award for best self-published book from The Eric Hoffer Project. The Primal Connection has also experienced a resurgence during a promo earlier this month, skyrocketing it to #4 on Kindle and subsequently landing it on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

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Episode #29: A Case Against Cardio Essay, Part 2


Description: Mark Sisson follows up his essay reading last week with an engaging discussion with host Brad Kearns about the dangers of chronic cardio, and some tips to help avoid the drawbacks of chronic exercise patterns. Brad and Mark discuss numerous real-life case studies of elite athletes in endurance sports such as ironman triathlon and long distance running, who have suffered serious heart problems. Mark and Brad mention the tragic deaths of multisport athlete Steve Larsen at age 39 (heart attack while running), and Ryan Shay (heart attack while racing the US Olympic trials marathon), along with an assortment of other high profile athletes and their ordeals.

Mark presents a compelling solution in essay form, pulling highlights from some popular follow-up blog posts on the subject. Mark mentions eating Primally, downscaling the “filler” workouts that happen between challenging “breakthrough” sessions, and realizing that interval and sprint workouts can deliver a training effect superior to long-duration workouts, while also alleviating the risks of drifting into a chronic pattern. For a good takeaway sound bite, Mark reiterates a message from a popular post about burning a total of only around 4,000 calories per week during structured exercise sessions. This is a general rule of thumb that correlates with an impressive assortment of different types of workouts that develop broad-based functional fitness, and helps protect against the excesses of chronic exercise.

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