Episode #3: Intermittent Fasting with Mark Sisson


Description: In this podcast, Mark Sisson discusses his strategy of eating in a compressed time window of typically 1pm-7pm each day, and various other methods of Intermittent Fasting. He details the various strategies for post-workout recovery, comparing the carb paradigm strategy of immediate refueling with the Primal strategy of optimizing hormonal benefits by fasting until hunger ensues after intense workouts.

Topic timestamps:
Mark’s dietary practices: 00.33
Post workout options: 02:54 and 16:10
Cutting back carbs: 05:25
Intermittent fasting: 06:37
Finding a balance point: 09:26
Enjoyment of food: 13:11
Fasting and intense exercise: 15:27
Carb paradigm: 16:39

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3 thoughts on “Episode #3: Intermittent Fasting with Mark Sisson

  1. Anne de Champlain

    Hello and thank you for the podcasts,

    I”m currently doing the GAPS introduction diet to heal my gut from leaky gut which has made me intolerant to an increasing amount of various foods. I’m living on meat stock made into soups with the meat cooked into it. I wasn’t eating high carb before although I used to be a vegan for years which is probably where my IBS came from originally. I changed back to a lower carb diet including good quality meats. However my digestion was still not very good (most of the IBS however was much better). Anyway all this to say that I also was doing a lot of exercise, running 6 days per week (3 times intervals) and swimming 3 days per week and going to the gym three times per week. This sudden shift in diet in the last few weeks to a really low carb diet has seen my energy levels plummet. I realise I am in this adaptation mode and need time to start using fats. I have completely stopped running for the past week, I continued with swimming 3-4 times per week and my three gym trainings and added a couple of walks to the beach. I seem to be able to do this but can’t really fathom running at the moment. I see you mentioning intermittent fasting. I seem to do this at times unwillingly because I won’t eat chicken soup in the morning before going to the pool and then I get caught up doing other things and often am not back home before 1pm. I noticed that I feel terrible when this happens. I feel ok for a while and then once I’ve gone over this invisible barrier, it doesn’t matter that I eat, I’m still depleted and I seems to have to go through at least another meal or the rest of the day before I can think straight.
    Most advocates of intermittent fasting are men and it seems to work for them. I notice that many women “experts’ recommend that women eat within an hour or getting up or else their cortisol gets out of whack and the rest of their hormonal system also. What do you think of this? It has been my thought that intermittent fasting could be great for men but not suggested for women. Or perhaps I just need to wait a bit and see how I feel in a few weeks.
    Bye for now

  2. Brad

    Brilliant Podcast! Bravo at the length of each episode as well, I simply don’t have the time to listen to a 3hr cast these days.

  3. Miranda Mastrocola


    I’ve recently tried intermittent fasting, with a restricted eating window of 12pm-8pm. I have been doing it for the past three days, and was wondering if there was a way to optimize the effects of intermittent fasting by doing it everyday, every other day, etc. Thank you! Love your work.


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