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Episode #36: Primal Blueprint Expert Certification – Comprehensive Summary


Description: Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program director Brad Kearns presents a detailed description of the entire online course and its examinations. This recording includes a summary of the most frequently asked questions from prospective students, followed by a methodical review of the content in each of the 13 modules. Brad proceeds through the entire course, literally one module at a time, and gives you an overview of its main topics and some hints about the exams. He even tosses out a few actual exam questions!

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Episode #35: Interview with Elle Russ, Primal Blueprint Certified Expert and Personal Coach


Description: Elle joins host Brad Kearns to discuss her journey from chronic cardio sugar addict to primal success story, her completion of the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification as a critical beta tester, and her personal coaching services.

Elle was one of the first five graduates of the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program and made a tremendous contribution to the beta-testing program by scrutinizing and challenging assorted elements of the text and examinations. This helped clarify the official Primal Blueprint position and ensured that the examinations were a fair and relevant test of knowledge for students.

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