Episode #36: Primal Blueprint Expert Certification – Comprehensive Summary


Description: Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program director Brad Kearns presents a detailed description of the entire online course and its examinations. This recording includes a summary of the most frequently asked questions from prospective students, followed by a methodical review of the content in each of the 13 modules. Brad proceeds through the entire course, literally one module at a time, and gives you an overview of its main topics and some hints about the exams. He even tosses out a few actual exam questions!

If you are thinking about taking the course, or perhaps have already signed up and want to know exactly what’s in store, this recording provides everything you’ll need to know to feel comfortable about the fun, challenging and comprehensive educational journey that awaits all participants in the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program.

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One thought on “Episode #36: Primal Blueprint Expert Certification – Comprehensive Summary

  1. Debbie

    I really liked this summary of the course. However, I am concerned about the focus on glucose/carbs and insulin. Fructose is extremely glycating, in fact 7 times more than glucose, yet I never hear or read about this anywhere on MDA. Fructose also suppresses our “full” hormones, causes fatty liver problems, and is strongly linked to a whole host of issues including elevated blood pressure, gout, diabetes (by causing insulin resistance), varicose veins and obesity. It causes lots of inflammation, which is at the root of so many problems.


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