Monthly Archives: October 2014

Episode #40: Interview with Ben Greenfield, Author of Beyond Training


Description: In this podcast, host Brad Kearns talks with Ben Greenfield, a leading endurance athlete, trainer, and fitness author. They discuss Ben’s book, Beyond Training, which focuses on supporting and maintaining good health while training for high intensity endurance activities like triathlons.

The two talk about the importance of balancing older, low tech training methods with newer, high tech ones. This leads into a discussion about heart rate variability and its implications for maximizing training efforts.

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Episode 39: Interview with Vinnie Tortorich, America’s Angriest Trainer


Description: Host Brad Kearns talks to Vinnie Tortorich, “America’s Angriest Trainer!” Vinnie is a popular Hollywood trainer known for helping celebs drop weight quickly with his simple, no-nonsense NSNG strategy (No Sugar, No Grains). Vinnie describes getting his foothold in Hollywood by helping an obese employee of Playboy Enterprises lose a couple hundred pounds. Consequently, he caught the attention of the organization and was soon enrolled to help keep centerfolds in top shape after they received their windfall and started indulging in food accordingly.

Vinnie is the author of Fitness Confidential and hosts the popular Angriest Trainer Podcast. He has hosted a very impressive assortment of guests in his 300+ shows, including many leading endurance athletes and primal/paleo authors.

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Episode #38: Ask the Primal Doctor – Q&A with Dr. Cate Shanahan


Description: Dr. Cate Shanahan hits the Q&A hard, offering interesting commentary on a variety of topics, especially those relating to hormones and longevity markers. Cate explains how one’s level of elastin is a major predictor of lifespan. Elastin is typically considered an important component of healthy skin. Losing elastin and collagen (a form of elastin that is also a major element of healthy skin) cause wrinkles, an obvious sign of aging. Elastin, however, is present in other cells such as those in joints and arteries. Losing elastin accelerates aging (arteries become stiffer and less resilient; joints become creakier and less fluid) and hastens demise. Across species, the typical half-life of elastin is a lifespan predictor. For example, the half-life of elastin in a dog is 10 years whereas it’s 75 years in humans.

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Episode #37: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson


Description: Mark Sisson is back in the Malibu studios for a free-form conversation with Brad Kearns about Mark’s latest fitness pursuits, recent developments and new products in the Primal Blueprint business, and the importance of balancing stress and rest when exercising.

Mark mentions that there is likely a holistic fix for virtually any overuse injury. He talks about how he has modified his gym weight lifting regimen and offers some stretching techniques to improve compromised joints. Mark also discusses how to modify exercise patterns based on sub par immune function and not being in the right headspace for an intense effort. He mentions a new comprehensive online multimedia educational program called Don’t Just Sit There, where he works together with Katy Bowman, MS, author of Move Your DNA, to help combat the problem of excessive stillness and lack of variation in the modern workplace. Mark also mentions the general trend of Primal Blueprint Publishing transitioning away from chopping down trees to print hard copy materials to delivering multimedia digital educational products instead.

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