Episode #40: Interview with Ben Greenfield, Author of Beyond Training


Description: In this podcast, host Brad Kearns talks with Ben Greenfield, a leading endurance athlete, trainer, and fitness author. They discuss Ben’s book, Beyond Training, which focuses on supporting and maintaining good health while training for high intensity endurance activities like triathlons.

The two talk about the importance of balancing older, low tech training methods with newer, high tech ones. This leads into a discussion about heart rate variability and its implications for maximizing training efforts.

Finally, they discuss the intersection between Ben’s book and the Primal Blueprint principles, which includes many examples of how less can often be more when it comes to endurance training and reaching athletic potential.

Topic timestamps:
Who is Ben Greenfield?/ “Beyond Training” :02:19
Look at the big picture: 05:19
Triathlon scene/Nutrition aspects: 06:33
High tech influences on the Tri scene: 09:47
Making good training decisions: 13:02
Heart rate variability: 15:00
Training for the big event/Ironman: 19:35
Importance of rest: 24:01
There are other things out there that go into fitness: 29:07
Foam rolling: 31:04
How to get the best when time limited: 33:05

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