Episode 103: Aerobic Base Building with Brad Kearns


Description: Brad talks about maybe the most important element of a successful endurance program–emphasizing aerobic base building at the proper heart rates. This fast paced narration will give you the straight scoop about how to train aerobically, and help you avoid the egregious mistakes that endurance athletes of all ability levels make when they drift into slightly too difficult intensity zone during workouts – training in the Black Hole! Brad dispenses Dr. Phil Maffetone’s secret formula of “180-age” heart rate training, and details the burnout he experienced early in 2015 by mistakenly training at too elevated of an aerobic heart rate. Get your training straight by listening to this quick, informative podcast!

Show Notes:

  • What is the big mistake that endurance athletes make? [00:02:36]
  • What is the “Black Hole” training zone? What happens when you get into that zone? [00:04:43]
  • The maximum aerobic heart rate is the most important concept that you need to carry.[00:06:17]
  • Why does Primal Endurance favor Dr. Phil Maffetone’s theory of 180 minus age, and what is it? [00:08:36]
  • What happened to Brad when he over-trained by setting his heart rate too high? [00:09:07]
  • How does one know they are developing the ability to manage their aerobic system? [00:16:13]

Selected Links from the Episode:
Arthur Lydiard
Dr. Phil Maffetone

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One thought on “Episode 103: Aerobic Base Building with Brad Kearns

  1. Susan

    Wow! I tried a medium distance run (11 miles) this morning using the 180-age calculation so at age 53 my target rate is 127. It was beyond slow. I was running about 10-15 seconds before my heart rate shot up into the 130s. I think I walked more than I ran. It was a struggle to keep it down to 127. But I did come home feeling completely fresh. Is it typical for one to walk so much or is it a function of having a lower hear rate because my age is advancing?

    Hopped on the kurt kinetic for an hour, again at 127. Easy spin. I’m going to put faith into this method and give it a try. My spouse and I are Ironman participants so we workout daily, sometimes twice a day.

    Thank you for your informative podcast and words of encouragement. I am going to stick with this slow and steady approach. The test will be either a June marathon, July half or one of my fall marathons. I’m tired of feeling beat up all the time so I look forward to this more relaxed training approach.


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