Episode 104: Simon Whitfield


Description: On today’s special show, hosts Brad Kearns and Andrew MacNaughton connect with retired triathlon legend Simon Whitfield from Victoria, B.C., Canada. Simon details his remarkable victory in the inaugural Olympic triathlon in Sydney, Australia in 2000, along with other memories and perspectives gained from his lengthy career at the top of the sport. Simon is an extremely thoughtful, introspective athlete whose insights can provide great value to whatever peak performance or life goals you pursue. “If you love your pursuits, you’ll find a way to success. If you succumb to your fears and insecurities, your results will suffer accordingly,” says Simon. With refreshing candor, Simon mentions the dangers of drifting into a prima donna perspective and how to recalibrate to focus on the journey; especially having a strong and authentic support team. “Hard truths come with sharp edges, but they are the source of the greatest learning,” Simon offers. Simon updates us about his recent doings, including epic standup paddling adventures in Victoria. Enjoy this deeply revealing and impactful discussion with triathlon’s most thoughtful coach, Andrew MacNaughton, and most thoughtful elite athlete, Simon Whitfield.

Show Notes:

  • Simon’s groundbreaking victory in Sydney, Australia [01:50]
  • How triathlons became a center in Olympic sports [07:50]
  • Brad, Simon and Andrew’s memory of Simon’s historic crash [09:45]
  • What special, thoughtful perspective did Simon bring to the sport? [12:00]
  • The importance of taking on a continuous learning mentality [14:00]
  • The importance of tapping into an internal positive narrative [17:21]
  • Simon’s transition into world celebrity [21:07]
  • What factors degrade one’s passion for the sport? [23:02]
  • The value of hard truths [29:04]
  • What’s the value of a team mentality vs. an ego-centric one? [33:55]
  • Simon’s rebirth in the game [37:50]
  • Simon’s relationship with standup paddling [42:01]

Selected Links from the Episode:
Follow Simon on Twitter: @simonwhitfield
The Art of Learning, by Josh Waitzkin

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