Episode 150: Adam & Vanessa Lambert

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Description: Host Elle Russ chats with Adam and Vanessa Lambert of Bee The Wellness, an innovative personal coaching company (and podcast of the same name) created by Adam and Vanessa Lambert and based in California. This couple has been living and working in the Paleo/Primal world for nearly 10 years, helping to educate and empower clients on their personal journeys to optimal health.  Bee The Wellness offers personal paleo lifestyle coaching along with exciting retreats and events to get you on the right path and help connect you with others on the same journey. Upcoming events: Authentic Self Life Mastery Program Starts January 16th 2017.  Unveil Your Wellness total wellness program new year starts January 9th 2017. North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains retreat from May 17-21.

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One thought on “Episode 150: Adam & Vanessa Lambert

  1. Tish Campbell

    Hi there,

    This question is for Elle (or anyone knowledgeable about the subject :-)) – I hear you talk a lot about making sure you are taking the right supplements for your own genetic make-up, etc. What are your recommendations for blood, urine, saliva tests, or what would you recommend to get a good idea about what things you should/should not be taking to support your individual chemistry.

    Thanks so much in advance!


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