Episode #30: Primal Thrills: An Excerpt From Award Winning Book, The Primal Connection


Description: Mark Sisson is back this week with host Brad Kearns to bring you yet another essay style podcast. This time Mark will be reading you a special excerpt of The Primal Connection. This follow-up to The Primal Blueprint goes far beyond diet and exercise; delving into lifestyle factors like sleep, sun, and play and their contribution to optimal gene expression. Since it’s publication, The Primal Connection has won numerous awards, including the bronze medal in the Health category from Foreword Magazine’s IndieFab Awards, two silver medals (Health and Body, Mind, & Spirit) from the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, and lastly, The Eric Hoffer award for best self-published book from The Eric Hoffer Project. The Primal Connection has also experienced a resurgence during a promo earlier this month, skyrocketing it to #4 on Kindle and subsequently landing it on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

Today’s excerpt is titled “Primal Thrills,” and dives into the importance of getting more excitement out of life. How could life for a hunter-gatherer be anything but an adventure? Just as our ancestors ventured to the edge once in a while, our genes expect the same from us. When you honor these impulses, you return to ordinary life refreshed and deeply appreciative of your secure surroundings, a warm shower, a nourishing meal, a group of friends to regale with your tales of adventure. We are indeed a species that thrives in dichotomy. This excerpt will guide you on how to incorporate Primal Thrills into your life with some modern day suggestions. Mark recommends a variety of different activities to try out as a source of Primal Thrills—anything and everything from slack lining to night hiking to scavenger hunts, and even amusement parks! After the excerpt, Mark even admits that it’s been a while since he followed his own advice, and he and Brad discuss the importance of “avoiding stupid mistakes” when seeking out Primal Thrills.

Topic timestamps:
Playful spirit: 02:07
Primal Thrills Essay (from Primal Connection): 05:01
Safety issues: 29.38
Develop intuitive sense: 31:38
Be creative: 32:57

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