Episode 91: Robert Murphy


Description: Today’s show features a very special guest, Robert P. Murphy, who is a notable economist and co-author of the newly released book from Primal Blueprint Publishing, The Primal Prescription. Robert has a Ph.D. in economics from New York University. After teaching at Hillsdale College, Murphy left academia to work in the financial sector. In 2007, he started his own firm, Consulting By RPM, where he specializes in teaching economic principles and analyzing government policies for the general public. Murphy is affiliated with several non-profit organizations devoted to economic education, including the Institute for Energy Research, the Fraser Institute, the Mises Institute, and the Independent Institute.

On Today’s show, Robert goes over the extensive pitfalls of the American “sick care” system and how it came to exist as it currently does. Brad and Robert discuss the Affordable Care Act, the history of employer provided health insurance, rising health care costs, and what we can do to start fixing the problems each of us faces when trying to achieve the best, more cost-effective health care possible. Whether you’re currently in top notch health or someone who relies heavily on professional medical care, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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Show Notes:

  • How the problem with our health care system is bipartisan [03:50]
  • The advantage of melding economic theory with real world health care examples [07:25]
  • The failure of regulating the rising cost of prescription drugs [08:00]
  • Why is the market for health insurance so dysfunctional? [09:20]
  • One short fall of the Affordable Care Act [11:50]
  • How did health insurance become something provided by employers? [13:20]
  • Are health insurance companies culpable for rising health care costs? [17:50]
  • How medical intervention can create more problems than what you began with [22:00]
  • Is Medicare a Ponzi scheme? [24:00]
  • Are federally funded health care programs in threat of bankruptcy? [26:30]
  • Is there a health care system that currently exists outside of the U.S. that is superior? [27:50]
  • The importance of the ability to “opt out” [32:30]
  • False vs. a real free market system [37:00]

Selected Links from the Episode:
The Primal Prescription
Robert P. Murphy

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