Episode 124: Mark Sisson

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Description: Host Brad Kearns catches up with our favorite guest Mark Sisson at his home in Malibu. This episode is part of our new video podcast series, so you can enjoy this show on YouTube. Mark talks about his keynote address at Paleo(f)x and some insights about where the primal/paleo movement is headed. He talks some recent business ventures and health/fitness endeavors during this wide-ranging, free-form discussion.

Mark is eager to engage with listeners during future shows, so if you have any questions you would like him to answer on the podcast, email info@primalblueprintpublishing.com.

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Episode 123: Taylor Collins

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Description: Host Elle Russ sits down with Epic Provisions Co-Founder, Taylor Collins. Taylor talks about his path from being a full-fledged vegan, to the owner of the first grass-fed meat based protein bar. Not only does Epic produce great products, but they’ve also had a hand in elevating industry standards in the meat production industry, ensuring ethical treatment and slaughtering methods.

Tune in today to learn all about Epic and how this innovative company is shaping the world!

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Episode 122: Richard Veech

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Host Elle Russ sits down with Dr. Richard Veech, who has been a National Institute of Health scientist for over 45 years, and both a research biochemist and a medical doctor. Dr. Veech figured out a way to bottle ketone fuel, in a fat-free, salt-free, FDA approved concentrated food. So we’re going to be talking a bit about that, as well as his vast research on ketosis.

Not sure what ketosis is? Is is safe? Can you treat insulin resistance with ketosis? These questions and more answered today!

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Episode 121: CJ Hunt


Description: Host Elle Russ sits down with CJ Hunt, the writer, producer and host of the break out film hit (and first Paleo documentary), The Perfect Human Diet, and author of the how-to companion guide of the same title. Graduating Summa Cum Laude in Electronic Communication Arts BA Radio /TV from SFSU 2007, CJ has had a career that spanned motocross racing and theme park announcer to over 20 years in broadcasting, with voice-overs, TV host, television and movie actor and author of two previous books on diet and nutrition.

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Episode 120: James Swanwick


Description: James Swanwick is a Los Angeles-based Australian-American entrepreneur who created the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge to help social drinkers reduce or quit alcohol consumption. Swanwick also co-founded Swanwick Sleep to educate people on the importance of optimal sleep and hosts The James Swanwick Show podcast, where you learn about health, wealth, and relationships.

As seen in Yahoo Health, James has spoken at the Bulletproof Conference, and has written for Thought Catalog, MindBodyGreenElite Daily, and Elephant Journal. Also, as a former ESPN SportsCenter anchor and Hollywood celebrity journalist, Swanwick interviewed world leaders like Al Gore, champion athletes, and movie stars like Bradley Cooper.

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Episode 119: Chris Adams

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Description: Host Brad Kearns joins firefighter and PrimalCon legend, Chris Adams, to talk about the stresses of shift work and sleep disruption, as well as how he helped Arizona firefighter academy students dramatically improve their performance by emphasizing aerobic exercise instead of stressful, higher intensity cardio training.

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Episode 118: Brad Kearns & Elle Russ


Description: Hosts Elle Russ and Brad Kearns tackle an assortment of topics influenced by podcast listener and MarksDailyApple.com reader comments, including low testosterone (problematic for both males and females) and natural ways to optimize hormones. They discuss concerns about HbA1c, a test that reveals long term blood glucose levels and has the potential to bring up concerns about metabolic damage caused by decades of SAD eating, and how it might delay results when going Primal. Discussion continues about the reframing of alcohol in The Primal Blueprint in the “Avoid Poisonous Things” category, given how it can compromise gut health and fat reduction goals, and contribute to other health concerns and conditions. At the end of the show, Elle discusses the journey of writing her book The Paleo Thyroid Solution, and dispenses some interesting advice to those aspiring to write.

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Episode 117: Michelle Norris


Description: Today Mark sits down with Michelle Norris, CEO and Managing Event Coordinator of Paleo f(x)™. Years ago, while waiting to depart the inaugural Ancestral Health Symposium and head back to their hometown of Austin, Texas, Michelle wondered aloud how in the world she and Keith would be able to distill all they’d absorbed into usable parcels for the everyday clients they worked with. Then and there, the seeds for their own all-encompassing “paleo party” were planted. Michelle was then, and is now, the driving force behind the Paleo f(x)™ enterprise. To say she is passionate about this movement is a major understatement. She lives and breathes Paleo f(x)™, and is adamant about bringing Paleo—the diet, the lifestyle and the community engagement—to the masses. Never underestimate a determined woman with a dream to change the world. And with Michelle at the helm, Paleo f(x)™ is poised to do just that.

Michelle is also a Founding Partner of ID Life, a new health & wellness company that is poised to revolutionize the industry, and is Executive Chef, owner and founder of Instinct Catering.

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Episode 116: The Wim Hof Method with Jared Tavasolian & Chris Tai Melodista


Description: Chris and Jared are the only instructors in the U.S of  “The Wim Hof Method” certified by Wim aka the “Iceman” himself. Wim Hof teaches that through a proper breathing and training, you can train to hold your breath longer, making conscious contact with your heart, autonomic nervous system, and immune system. It also has a positive influence on your blood circulation.

Learn why people like Laird Hamilton, Orlando Bloom, Joe Rogan, Tim Ferris, and Oprah Winfrey, practice the Wim Hof Method and feel the amazing benefits of this powerful and healing breathing method supported by science!

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Episode 115: Matt Whitmore and Keris Marsden


Description: Host Brad Kearns welcomes Matt Whitmore and Keris Marsden in a joint podcast with Fitter Food radio channel in London! Their second book, Fitter Food, Second Helping is coming out soon. Their first book was a big seller in Europe under the title, Fitter Food, and in the U.S. under the title Paleo Primer. They have their own training/fitness facility in London where they work with individuals helping them learn all about the paleo/primal lifestyle.

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