Episode 106: Bethany Hamilton

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Description: Host Elle Russ sits down with Surfing Champion, motivational speaker, mother and all around inspiration, Bethany Hamilton.

For those of you not familiar with today’s incredible guest, she has been an amazing source of inspiration and hope to millions of people. During a surf session in 2003, at the age of 13, Bethany was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark, resulting in the loss of her left arm, which seemed to end her career as a professional surfer. However, Bethany rose to (and far beyond) the challenge, was back in the water a month after and took home her first national surfing title a little over a year later.

13 years after what seems like a horrible event, Bethany says she wouldn’t change a thing and talks about how her experience ended up bringing such positivity and strength to her life and how she channels that to bring hope to others.

Bethany’s latest book, Body and Soul, is a health, fitness and nutrition resource that teaches young women how to care for their bodies beyond the over-emphasis on physical appearance.

Tune in today for this very special episode you don’t want to miss!

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Episode 105: Adam & Vanessa Lambert


Description: Brad Kearns is back this week with two of Primal’s favorite trainers, Adam and Vanessa Lambert! They’ve been busier than ever since last year’s podcast interview, so we have a lot of ground to cover. Aside from building their coaching business at BeeTheWellness.com, they’ve stepped into the tech world by collaborating with Vimify on their very own app-based coaching platform. It was by their suggestion that we moved the 21-Day Total Body Transformation Challenge to Vimify, facilitating a beautiful and vibrant community that grows by the month.

Learn the value of finding your tribe and the most critical aspect of improving your health (it’s probably not what you think) in this lively chat with old friends. 

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Episode 104: Simon Whitfield


Description: On today’s special show, hosts Brad Kearns and Andrew MacNaughton connect with retired triathlon legend Simon Whitfield from Victoria, B.C., Canada. Simon details his remarkable victory in the inaugural Olympic triathlon in Sydney, Australia in 2000, along with other memories and perspectives gained from his lengthy career at the top of the sport. Simon is an extremely thoughtful, introspective athlete whose insights can provide great value to whatever peak performance or life goals you pursue. “If you love your pursuits, you’ll find a way to success. If you succumb to your fears and insecurities, your results will suffer accordingly,” says Simon. With refreshing candor, Simon mentions the dangers of drifting into a prima donna perspective and how to recalibrate to focus on the journey; especially having a strong and authentic support team. “Hard truths come with sharp edges, but they are the source of the greatest learning,” Simon offers. Simon updates us about his recent doings, including epic standup paddling adventures in Victoria. Enjoy this deeply revealing and impactful discussion with triathlon’s most thoughtful coach, Andrew MacNaughton, and most thoughtful elite athlete, Simon Whitfield.

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Episode 103: Aerobic Base Building with Brad Kearns


Description: Brad talks about maybe the most important element of a successful endurance program–emphasizing aerobic base building at the proper heart rates. This fast paced narration will give you the straight scoop about how to train aerobically, and help you avoid the egregious mistakes that endurance athletes of all ability levels make when they drift into slightly too difficult intensity zone during workouts – training in the Black Hole! Brad dispenses Dr. Phil Maffetone’s secret formula of “180-age” heart rate training, and details the burnout he experienced early in 2015 by mistakenly training at too elevated of an aerobic heart rate. Get your training straight by listening to this quick, informative podcast!

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Episode 102: 115 Things Endurance Athletes Need to Know


Tune into this special preview of Mark Sisson’s newest book, Primal Endurance. Show host and co-author, Brad Kearns, details 115 things you’ll need to know as a Primal Endurance Athlete, including: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Primal Endurance Athletes, what your training schedule should look like per season, over the course over the entire year, and the importance of strict rest and recovery periods.

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Episode 101: Martin Keen, CEO of Focal Upright Furniture


Description: Host Brad Kearns talks with Martin Keen, CEO of Focal Upright Furniture—a cutting edge company headquartered in Rhode Island. Focal Upright is responsible for a wildly popular line of functional furniture products, including their unique leaning and mobile seats and assorted upright desk options. Martin discusses the many health hazards of prolonged sitting (electrical activity ceases in your leg muscles, fat metabolism enzymes decline by 90%, calorie burning minimizes, blood flow to brain is reduced, spine is compressed, hip flexors tighten, etc.) and how assuming an upright position can deliver exceptional health benefits.

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Episode 100: Cindy Barbieri


Description: Today’s show features a lively (and mouthwatering) talk between host Elle Russ and paleo cook Cindy Barbieri. In the last few years, there’s been a huge movement within the primal/paleo community to find more nutritionally friendly ways to recreate traditional recipes we all love. Of the many cuisines that present unique challenges to paleo adaptations, Italian food is probably one of the hardest that comes to mind. With gluten or grains as a staple to what many consider timeless recipes (whether we’re talking about pizza or pasta), one would think that making Italian food paleo is a pretty foolhardy pursuit. But on today’s show Cindy shares how she’s been able to crack the code!

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Episode 99: Katy Bowman


Description: On today’s show, Brad sits down with world renowned biomechanist, author, and blogger Katy Bowman. Katy, a previous guest on the show, has started an entire movement (pardon the pun) around getting people to rethink exercise in the context of their everyday lives. The world of exercise is usually divided up into two camps: those who don’t exercise at all and those who overdo it. But Katy makes the case for how introducing fluid, varied movement in our everyday experiences can pay dividends for health in the long run. She takes the concept of the golden mean and applies it to the kinds of activity our bodies have evolved to require for optimal health.

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Episode 98: Stacy Toth


Description: On today’s special show, Mark Sisson himself takes some time to interview Stacy Toth in the Malibu studios. Stacy blogs about a family-friendly approach to an ancestral lifestyle at the popular website, PaleoParents.com. A full-time working professional, Stacy incorporates her paleo beliefs in everything that she does. By utilizing a walking desk in a corporate setting, sharing paleo creations at work events, and mastering the art of eating paleo on the go, Stacy has successfully maintained a 100+ pound weight-loss for more than five years now.

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Episode 97: Andrew Magness


Description: Join us on today’s show with Andrew Magness, a renaissance man who is a father, husband, trained physicist, former high school teacher, race director, climber, surfer, writer, endurance junkie, conservationist, philosopher, critical thinker, apocophiliac, and an avid neologist, to name a few.

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