Episode #6: The Reality of Calories In, Calories Out with Mark Sisson

Calories In, Calories Out

Description: In this podcast, Mark Sisson explains how appetite supersedes the oversimplified equation of calories in = calories out, and how optimizing hormones and gene expression is the true path to effortless lifelong weight management. Mark discusses how moderating insulin production is the key to lifelong weight control, for it unlocks the potential to minimize reliance on ingested calories in favor of burning stored body fat and ketones for energy. Optimizing insulin also regulates appetite hormones such as leptin and ghrelin, and enables you to obtain the fat reduction and cellular repair benefits associated with Intermittent Fasting.

Topic timestamps:
Controversy of how to achieve ideal body composition: 00:36
Calories have different contexts: 01:39
Glucose intake and controlling insulin: 04:27
How do you lose weight?: 10:20
Calorie burning: 11:04
Ideal body composition: 15:51
Food portions: 19:38
Quick tips: 23:28
Sprint efforts: 26:15

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2 thoughts on “Episode #6: The Reality of Calories In, Calories Out with Mark Sisson

  1. Tilly

    Great pod cast, I especially think the comments about healthy weight and ideal weight, which I agree are often to very different things. Mark you mentioned intense sprints and some food management to make these changes, how would you train and eat with hormonal imbalances when weight gain is easy?


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