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Episode 78: Tovar Cerulli


Description: Tovar Cerulli, a vegan-turned-hunter, is author of The Mindful Carnivore: A Vegetarian’s Hunt for Sustenance, which has earned praise from hunters, vegetarians, and ecologists alike. He serves as a unique bridge across diverse ways of thinking about human relationships with food, nature, and wildlife, and has led seminars for agencies, nonprofits, and universities across the country. As a consultant in the conservation field, he helps clients integrate conflicting ideas and values, gain insight into unfamiliar points of view, and expand and develop their thinking and perspectives. Tovar’s essays have been published in Outdoor America, High Country News, The Atlantic, Utne Reader, and Northern Woodlands, among others. He lives in Vermont with his wife Catherine and an eclectic mix of cookbooks.

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Episode 77: Mary Vance


Description: On today’s show, we feature Mary Vance, a holistic nutritionist who helps clients with gluten-free and paleo meal plans. Through optimizing nutrition, she also specializes in helping individuals get their allergies under control. Mary was an animal lover since she was a child, and became a vegetarian at age 15 when she learned about the horrors of factory farming. She became anemic, and, following popular books based on vegetarianism, tried to heal herself with a diet high in soy, legumes and grains. But her health issues only grew worse, and Mary was left with an extreme hormonal imbalance and digestive distress. After graduating from Emory University in Atlanta, she decided to continue her education and seek out solutions to her health issues that defied conventional medical solutions. So she enrolled at Bauman College in Berkeley in 2004 and graduated as a Certified Nutrition Consultant in Summer, 2006. Since then, she has recovered her health completely, and spends her life making it her mission to help others do the same.

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Episode 76: Diana Rodgers


Description: Today’s show features special guest Diana Rodgers, a nutritional therapist, sustainable farm advocate, and author of the inspiring new book, The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook—a stellar resource that shows how we can incorporate classic self-sustaining practices for a healthier life. As a small child, Diana was sickly. This carried over into adulthood, where she went through a rough period of digestion issues. Even so, she was still surprised when her doctor tested and diagnosed her with celiac disease. Heeding the new diagnosis, Diana jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon—only still with a carb heavy diet, which lead her down a path that was dangerously close to type 2 diabetes. But around that time, Diana’s husband landed a job as an organic farm manager. While hanging around the farm, customers showed Diana the benefits of various nutrient dense foods, many of which were higher in protein and fat. She noticed some huge results, and decided to take her knowledge to the next level. She got a certification in nutritional therapy and took on her own personal studies in ancestral health. Now, Diana is happier and healthier than ever.

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Episode 75: Dr. Gary Foresman


Description: On today’s show, Elle speaks with Dr. Gary Foresman, esteemed MD and integrative medicine specialist. After serving as a traditional physician and teaching as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California Irvine, he became dissatisfied with the shortcomings of established Western medical treatments to effectively treat many of his patients. Determined to help his patients, he began investigating alternative therapies and has expanded his training in many systems of healing, including Ayurveda, meditation, stress management, massage, as well as botanical, orthomolecular and functional medicine systems.

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Episode 74: Christoper Smith


Description: Host Brad Kearns talks to cutting edge peak performance and athletic training expert Christopher Smith. Christopher is a decorated PGA who teaches professionally out of Portland, Oregon and is a consultant to Nike Golf and the radical new Golf Board concept (with Laird Hamilton). Christopher is the world record holder and past world champion in the sport of Speedgolf. Check out this astonishing YouTube video of him playing the championship course of Bandon Dunes, Oregon in only 53 minutes while shooting 4 under par! The high-speed video production shows his entire round in only four minutes—one of the most remarkable golf rounds ever played.

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