Episode 77: Mary Vance


Description: On today’s show, we feature Mary Vance, a holistic nutritionist who helps clients with gluten-free and paleo meal plans. Through optimizing nutrition, she also specializes in helping individuals get their allergies under control. Mary was an animal lover since she was a child, and became a vegetarian at age 15 when she learned about the horrors of factory farming. She became anemic, and, following popular books based on vegetarianism, tried to heal herself with a diet high in soy, legumes and grains. But her health issues only grew worse, and Mary was left with an extreme hormonal imbalance and digestive distress. After graduating from Emory University in Atlanta, she decided to continue her education and seek out solutions to her health issues that defied conventional medical solutions. So she enrolled at Bauman College in Berkeley in 2004 and graduated as a Certified Nutrition Consultant in Summer, 2006. Since then, she has recovered her health completely, and spends her life making it her mission to help others do the same.

So tune into today’s show, which covers a range of topics such as estrogen dominance, the effects of milk thistle, cosmetic use, infertility, and Hashimoto’s disease.

Show Notes:

  • Mary talks about her previous health challenges and her transition into her current holistic nutrition practice. [00:02:04]
  • When someone has gone through hormonal issues and is trying to get back on track, what’s a suggested change in diet? [00:05:09]
  • What are the symptoms of estrogen dominance? [00:06:34]
  • Other than diet, what are some things we can do to stay balanced? [00:10:16]
  • How important is it to use natural lotions and cosmetics? [00:13:37]
  • What is milk thistle and is it helpful or harmful to your liver? [00:16:12]
  • When having infertility problems, what is the most important thing to look at? [00:18:37]
  • How does the paleo/primal lifestyle help get the adrenals under control? [00:24:47]
  • Are there large differences in male versus female hormone regulation? [00:26:51]
  • If you have a major hormonal balance, and are trying to heal naturally, how long should you wait before taking hormone replacement medication? [00:28:18]
  • How important is fat in lifestyle, diet, and exercise? [00:31:29]
  • If you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, what should you get rid of first? [00:33:28]

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