Episode 76: Diana Rodgers


Description: Today’s show features special guest Diana Rodgers, a nutritional therapist, sustainable farm advocate, and author of the inspiring new book, The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook—a stellar resource that shows how we can incorporate classic self-sustaining practices for a healthier life. As a small child, Diana was sickly. This carried over into adulthood, where she went through a rough period of digestion issues. Even so, she was still surprised when her doctor tested and diagnosed her with celiac disease. Heeding the new diagnosis, Diana jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon—only still with a carb heavy diet, which lead her down a path that was dangerously close to type 2 diabetes. But around that time, Diana’s husband landed a job as an organic farm manager. While hanging around the farm, customers showed Diana the benefits of various nutrient dense foods, many of which were higher in protein and fat. She noticed some huge results, and decided to take her knowledge to the next level. She got a certification in nutritional therapy and took on her own personal studies in ancestral health. Now, Diana is happier and healthier than ever.

So learn more about Diana’s journey through illness, her take on sustainable farming, how “gluten-free” doesn’t always mean “healthy,” and some awesome recipes to boot.

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Show Notes:

  • How did Diana become a sustainable farmer and get into the paleo world? [00:01:03]
  • In her attempt to get healthy, Diana went on a “gluten free” diet, with results she did not expect. [00:04:47]
  • Inspiring words from Wendell Berry: “To be interested in food and not food production is absurd.” [00:11:25]
  • What is the theory of least harm? Is vegetarianism the most healthful and sustainable way to eat? [00:14:42]
  • Is there vacant land that needs to be used? [00:20:35]
  • Diana’s farm in Massachusetts is a community-supported organization. How does that work? [00:24:12]
  • Elle asks about some of the interesting recipes that are in the book. Some examples are the
  • Maple-spiced Venison Jerky, Lamb Chops with Fresh Ginger Herb Sauce, and Deconstructed BLT Soup. What else does Diana offer? [00:28:27]

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