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Episode 82: Dr. Loretta Breuning


Description: How much are we like our mammalian cousins in the animal kingdom? And what can they teach us about our mental and emotional lives? Elle Russ tackles these questions in a riveting interview with Dr. Loretta Breuning, blogger, former professor, and founder of The Inner Mammal Institute, which studies how our neurochemical makeup guides our feelings and behaviors in similar ways to our non-human relatives. Dr. Breuning began studying the brain chemistry of animals because she was not convinced by prevailing theories of human motivation. When she learned that our happy brain chemicals trigger survival behaviors in animals, she retired from her career as Professor of Management at California State University, East Bay to connect the dots. Now, her books and resources have helped thousands of people worldwide to make peace with their inner mammal.

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Episode 81: Chuck Hixson


Description: Host Brad Kearns joins Chuck Hixson, CEO of AVAcore Technologies in Michigan, exclusive manufacturers of a phenomenal recovery product known as the RTX (Rapid Thermal Exchange) cooling glove. The product was developed in consultation with Stanford University researchers who made a stunning discovery in the laboratory related to improving peak performance—dramatically—by quickly cooling body temperature.

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Episode 80: Romy and Dave Dollé


Description: Host Brad Kearns welcomes Dave and Romy Dollé to the Malibu studios, all the way from their home in Switzerland, during their West Coast vacation. This couple is a wealth of insight and inspiration on all matters of health and fitness. Romy is the author of an exciting forthcoming book from Primal Blueprint Publishing called Fruit Belly, originally published in German as FrüchtewampeDave is a leading fitness trainer and coach who operates two training centers in the Zurich area. This show discusses the curious condition of Fruit Belly, where health conscious eaters can experience intestinal bloating and pain from eating too much of the good stuff: fruits, raw vegetables and other natural foods. Dave and Romy venture into an assortment of other health and fitness topics during this lively show. So you won’t want to miss it!

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Episode 79: Eli Rodhe


Description: On today’s show, Elle Russ and Eli Rohde talk about making the transition from sugar burner to fat burner. Once you adopt new habits and lifestyle behaviors, they’re often easier to maintain than you might have initially thought. But getting over the initial hurdles of making the transition can be a challenge. So on today’s show, Elle and Eli share their own personal experiences, and expertise, when it comes to navigating through the initial stages of going primal. They talk about motivation, willpower, and implementing practical tricks to make the process easy—so sticking to your new habits can become a reality.

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