Episode 81: Chuck Hixson


Description: Host Brad Kearns joins Chuck Hixson, CEO of AVAcore Technologies in Michigan, exclusive manufacturers of a phenomenal recovery product known as the RTX (Rapid Thermal Exchange) cooling glove. The product was developed in consultation with Stanford University researchers who made a stunning discovery in the laboratory related to improving peak performance—dramatically—by quickly cooling body temperature.

The glove works by quickly cooling the brain, vital organs and muscles by applying cool circulating water and a slight vacuuming effect to the temperature sensitive AVAs—a network of veins in the palms of your hands that regulate body temperature with a highly variable blood flow based on environmental temperatures. Physical performance is strongly associated with body temperature. When you get hot, you slow down—key enzymes change shape and malfunction when overheated, stopping cellular metabolic processes. If you are able to cool off during a workout (say, with a 3-minute session wearing the glove), you can keep going. Using the glove post workout will facilitate fast recovery by reducing the inflammatory cytokines that cause muscle damage. Listen to Chuck detail the technology and the practical application of this product that is now available for commercial use.

Visit AVAcore.com and click on the INDIEGOGO icon to participate in their limited time promotion to pre-order the RTX glove at a discounted price of $249. The offer expires on September 10th, 2015 so enjoy the podcast and then order your glove!

Show notes:

  • How does AVAcore’s core body cooling glove affect the brain and recovery performance? [00:01:25]
  • How does the buildup of heat affect performance? [00:03:10]
  • Overheating can occur during regular workouts in the gym. Why sweating is not necessarily good for your body. [00:06:18]
  • What is the explanation for how a person can do pull-ups, cool for a few minutes, and then come back and do more pull-ups? [00:08:19]
  • After a workout, it is not apparent that you are overheated. Because we are cooling the core body directly, you’ll have a bit of a cool sensation in your hand, and you will probably stop sweating in three minutes and you will feel refreshed. [00:11:23]
  • Can one be fooled into overtraining using this device? [00:12:43]
  • How does the actual technology work? [00:16:59]
  • How does the glove work in conjunction with your metabolism? [00:20:45]
  • Through the portal of our hands, the glove is circulating water with a mild vacuum and it is having a direct impact on our brain and core temperature. [00:23:43]
  • Does it depend on how hot the subject is and what the ambient temperature is? What is the typical duration of a cooling glove session? [00:27:12]
  • Is it possible to cool too much with this device? [00:29:25]
  • How are you going to get these amazing endurance gains simply by removing heat? [00:30:26]
  • Where has this technology been tested? [00:35:18]
  • Where can we get this device? There is the industrial size and the personal model available. [00:40:10]

Selected Links from the Episode:
Chuck Hixson
Stanford Study on Core Cooling

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