Episode 80: Romy and Dave Dollé


Description: Host Brad Kearns welcomes Dave and Romy Dollé to the Malibu studios, all the way from their home in Switzerland, during their West Coast vacation. This couple is a wealth of insight and inspiration on all matters of health and fitness. Romy is the author of an exciting forthcoming book from Primal Blueprint Publishing called Fruit Belly, originally published in German as FrüchtewampeDave is a leading fitness trainer and coach who operates two training centers in the Zurich area. This show discusses the curious condition of Fruit Belly, where health conscious eaters can experience intestinal bloating and pain from eating too much of the good stuff: fruits, raw vegetables and other natural foods. Dave and Romy venture into an assortment of other health and fitness topics during this lively show. So you won’t want to miss it!

Show Notes:

  • Romy and Dave are a fitness power couple from Switzerland. Romy wrote the book Fruit Belly, which questions our beliefs about fresh fruits and vegetables. [00:01:31]
  • Can stomach discomfort come from traditionally “healthy” foods? [00:05:49]
  • Is there a quick fix for this Fruit Belly problem? [00:07:03]
  • What is the best way to acquaint people to primal/paleo living and get them off the Standard American Diet? [00:09:32]
  • Is bloating a chronic problem? [00:12:08]
  • With our fast pace of living, do we stop long enough to chew? [00:17:31]
  • How cooked vegetables, avocado, coconut, and other natural fats can be a weapon against bloating. [00:18:48]
  • What about eggs? Do they have a role in gut health? [00:19:10]
  • If you don’t have the right proteins and amino acids at the right time, it is hard to produce the “feel good” hormones that we want to produce. [00:20:49]
  • What has the response been to Früchtewampe in the German speaking market? [00:22:44]
  • After the four-day fix, can you go back to your regular eating pattern? [00:25:43]
  • What is the relation between bloating and inflammation? [00:27:54]
  • What about fruit juices? How do they come into play? [00:34:40]
  • How does the diet affect performance as opposed to recovery? [00:36:57]
  • When a person is lean and athletic, but is bloated from an inflammatory response to sugar, what can they do? [00:39:48]
  • What are some of the unusual smoothie recipe ingredients in Romy’s book? [00:42:08]
  • Should we use artificial sugar as a healthy alternative to natural sugar? [00:44:34]

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