Monthly Archives: June 2016

Episode 125: Cara and Jimmy Haun

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Description: Host Elle Russ sits down with friends Jimmy and Cara Haun, two vastly talented Primal converts, for a lively talk on overcoming symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease and how they’ve improved their overall health.

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Episode 124: Mark Sisson

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Description: Host Brad Kearns catches up with our favorite guest Mark Sisson at his home in Malibu. This episode is part of our new video podcast series, so you can enjoy this show on YouTube. Mark talks about his keynote address at Paleo(f)x and some insights about where the primal/paleo movement is headed. He talks some recent business ventures and health/fitness endeavors during this wide-ranging, free-form discussion.

Mark is eager to engage with listeners during future shows, so if you have any questions you would like him to answer on the podcast, email

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Episode 123: Taylor Collins

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Description: Host Elle Russ sits down with Epic Provisions Co-Founder, Taylor Collins. Taylor talks about his path from being a full-fledged vegan, to the owner of the first grass-fed meat based protein bar. Not only does Epic produce great products, but they’ve also had a hand in elevating industry standards in the meat production industry, ensuring ethical treatment and slaughtering methods.

Tune in today to learn all about Epic and how this innovative company is shaping the world!

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