Episode 125: Cara and Jimmy Haun

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Description: Host Elle Russ sits down with friends Jimmy and Cara Haun, two vastly talented Primal converts, for a lively talk on overcoming symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease and how they’ve improved their overall health.

Cara Haun has been producing music for commercials for 20 years for clients such as: BMW, Priceline, T-mobile, and Wells Fargo. Jimmy Haun is one of the music industry’s top composers and works with some of the biggest names in the business. He started playing with professional bands at the early age of 15. Following his musical dreams, Jimmy moved to Los Angeles, landed his first record deal with A&M and soon found himself touring with such rock legends as Sheryl Crow, Air Supply, Robin Beck as well as jazz artists Ronnie Laws and Michael Ruff, just to name a few!

Show Notes:

  • Elle finds out how her two friends surprised her and became converts to the primal lifestyle.[00:01:27]
  • How did Hashimoto’s Disease play a role in Cara’s decision to go primal? [00:02:59]
  • What about the hunger thing? What happened to being hungry? [00:06:10]
  • After eating pasta and bread daily, how have they been able to make the transition and have everything taste so good?  [00:08:17]
  • What happens to the sugar cravings when one goes primal? [00:11:54]
  • Antibodies equal inflammation. How can one fix that with diet? [00:12:49]
  • The ancient people didn’t have cavities and ate few carbohydrates. [00:15:39]
  • What is going on with their music careers? [00:18:05]

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