Dr. David Roetman, DC

Elle Russ chats with Dr. David Roetman – a physician getting results with non-surgical orthopedics and functional medicine. Finding natural pathways for those who are hungry for solutions without the use of drugs or surgery. He uses evidence-based nutrition and scientifically sound orthopedic rehab treatments to help his patients function at their best. If you are interested in science-based posts about nutrition, exercise, and orthopedic conditions you will want to check out his Instagram page @doctorroetman


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1. Obesity has tripled since (1970) fast food became popularized – CDC 

2.  Corn Fed Cows have 7.65:1 Ratio Omega 6 to Omega 3, Where as Grass Fed Cows have a 1.0:1.5 Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio.

3.  Wild caught fish have better Omega 3:6 ratios

4.  Sleep Studies

5. 80% of immune system is from gut 

6. 90% of serotonin produced from gut

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