Episode 105: Adam & Vanessa Lambert


Description: Brad Kearns is back this week with two of Primal’s favorite trainers, Adam and Vanessa Lambert! They’ve been busier than ever since last year’s podcast interview, so we have a lot of ground to cover. Aside from building their coaching business at BeeTheWellness.com, they’ve stepped into the tech world by collaborating with Vimify on their very own app-based coaching platform. It was by their suggestion that we moved the 21-Day Total Body Transformation Challenge to Vimify, facilitating a beautiful and vibrant community that grows by the month.

Learn the value of finding your tribe and the most critical aspect of improving your health (it’s probably not what you think) in this lively chat with old friends. 

Show Notes:

  • What is the exciting 21-Day Challenge app? [00:02:25]
  • How do people engage through the app? [00:05:16]
  • How do I get started with this program? [00:09:34]
  • The guests talk about their weekend retreats for their followers. [00:11:44]
  • What are the biggest stumbling blocks to folks in modern life trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle? [00:14:36]
  • Binaural beats can be integrated into the meditation exercises to help train your brain. [00:16:37]
  • Not paying attention to your intuition is a problem even with the well-intended person. [00:18:57]
  • Do we even know what it feels like to feel awesome? [00:23:38]
  • The importance of community. [00:25:00]
  • What is the availability of this program? How does one join? [00:25:52]
  • What is the magic formula to get people to sleep more? [00:27:20]

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