Episode 110: Brad Kearns and Andrew MacNaughton on Life Transformation


Description: Andrew and Brad discuss how to “solve the puzzle” of transitioning gracefully through major shifts in career or life. In the athletic world, many struggle on the occasion of retirement because the intensity of competition and attention is difficult or impossible to match in more traditional career pursuits. A process-oriented mindset is urged, so that self-esteem is not attached to results or one’s identity as an athlete, or a career achiever as well. Another suggestion is finding new passions—they don’t necessarily have to be competitive—but something that lights you up and engages you deeply. More discussion of how to balance career, family, fitness/health, and personal goals, and how sometimes we look at health and fitness pursuits as “sacrifices” when in fact not doing healthy behaviors is the real sacrifice. Enjoy a thoughtful show full of practical tips from Andrew and Brad.

Show Notes:

  • What are the big transitions in life and how does one handle them? [00:01:45]
  • If you are too caught up in the attachment of your self esteem to the result of what you are doing or making that your identity, that’s when you struggle, [00:06:34]
  • How did Andrew use Improv to enhance his transition from being a triathlete? [00:08:05]
  • Challenging oneself is what is important, not necessarily matching up to other people.[00:10:41]
  • How has society changed the way we can handle life’s transitions? [00:14:37]
  • It is important to find your passion and integrate that into you life for balance. [00:20:15]
  • What is getting in the way of people being able to lead a well-balanced life?  [00:25:08]
  • Andrew having fun playing a game to see what he can get out of his body? [00:27:40]
  • When it is important to change your life, why is there such resistance? How can a coach work with that? [00:29:03]
  • What do they mean when they say, you have “the equation upside down?” [00:33:00]

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