Episode #12: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson


Description: Join Mark Sisson as he comments extensively on many of the most common challenges and confusions of living Primally. Topics covered include how to drop those final five or ten pounds of excess body fat when you have stalled at a certain level – through dialing in your appetite and sensible, intuitive eating, optimizing your carb intake level through personal experimentation, and adding sprint workouts to aggressively stimulate accelerated fat burning; eating in a compressed time window and how morning coffee intake affects that; experiencing nausea when eating high fat primal foods without anything else; the best way to read at night to not disturb your circadian rhythm. Mark also gives an overview of the forthcoming Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program, soon available online at PrimalBlueprint.com – a great resource for health/fitness professionals or devoted primal enthusiasts to deepen their education on primal principles and motivate others to live primally.

Topic timestamps:
Losing weight/Getting to Ketosis/Body composition: 00:43
Skipping a meal: 06:30
All-you-can-eat buffet: 08:15
Brain wiring for overeating: 10:40
Sprinting: 13:40
Over-exercising: 16:59
Does cream in your coffee count?: 20:40
Nausea after eating certain high fat foods: 24:14
Primal Blueprint Expert Certification: 29:27

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4 thoughts on “Episode #12: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson

  1. Amz

    I’m very low carb / ketogenic but not very diligent about maintaining my carb intake (sometimes a random corn tortilla falls into my mouth). It seems to me that the nausea might be coming from the body fluctuating in and out of ketosis. I seem to only have nausea the day after I have a date with a carb.

  2. Michael

    Hey Heather,

    Do you possibly have gastritis? Inflammation of the intestine that causes nausea after certain, or too much food is consumed. I know that I struggle with nausea after certain meals. Hope this helps

  3. Christine

    Prior to eating Primal, I ate hardly any fat at all & then I started to eat a lot more fat & felt very sick (actually was on 2 occasions), but I put that down to the fact that I have a sluggish liver & gallbladder. It didn’t mater if it was on an empty stomach or full stomach for me. The main culprits were avocado pears, almonds, eggs & coconut oil. I think I have also got parasites, yeast &/or bad gut bacteria, because I have since gone on a FODMAP free & low histamine diet & low salicylate diet (which cuts all those things out anyway) & no longer get any nausea.

  4. Elizabeth

    Hello Mark,
    I also experience nausea if I eat very fatty foods on an empty stomach. Especially with eggs and bacon but also fatty ground lamb. I personally have stopped eating them for breakfast which basically means I don’t eat them anymore because I don’t like eggs or bacon for any meal other than breakfast. I don’t really think its much of a hardship honestly, I never loved these foods anyway (I know, weird).



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