Episode #11: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson


Description: Mark recaps the incredible PrimalCon Vacation Tulum event, which took place March 1st-6th at the Dreams Tulum resort in Mexico. He mentions the many excellent presenters as well as some interesting guests who attended. He then gets into some interesting questions from listeners. Topics covered include: how to stay motivated with diet/health/fitness goals when life throws you some curves; the importance of a sustainable approach as reflected in the Primal Blueprint 80/20 rule; the importance of an intuitive approach to balance workout stress with ample rest, so listeners never do a crazy workout like Mark’s 16 x 800m in 2:24-2:28!; the benefits of standup work environments; carb intake strategies for weight management and adrenal fatigue; where potatoes stand in the Primal camp; and the pros and cons of alcohol consumption.

Topic timestamps:
PrimalCon Tulum recap: 01:06
Format of PrimalCon/Presenters: 01:55
Stateside format differs: 03:54
Some of the Tulum guests: 05:45
Motivation: 06:52
Handling the roadblocks of life: 09:06
Surround yourself with supportive friends: 09:45
Staying on track: 10:41
Mark’s presentation: 12:07
Making intelligent choices: 14:32
Submitting questions: 17:40
Squatting effects on hip flexors: 18:12
Standup desks: 22:39
When to eat carbs: 24:29
Are you happy with body composition? 28:14
Adrenal fatigue: 29:23
What about potatoes?: 32:06
Alcohol consumption: 34:45

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