Episode 139: Allan Misner

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Description: Elle Russ chats with Allan Misner about fitness for people over 40.  Allan is the host of the 40PlusFitness podcast. He spent his adult years focused on his career and as a result, his relationships and health suffered. Upon meeting the love of his life, he committed to turn his health and fitness around. His efforts to learn health and fitness resulted in him earning a personal training certificate and specialties in corrective exercise and fitness nutrition.  He adopted the primal lifestyle and recovered his health.

He dedicated himself to helping people over forty get healthy and fit. He launched the 40+ Fitness Podcast to encourage, educate and entertain people as they move along their health and fitness journey. He is also the founder and head trainer at Forever Fitness, providing online personal training and wellness coaching.

Show Notes:

  • How did he come from poor health to this place where he is a paleo/primal lifestyle coach? [00:01:22]
  • When the weight wasn’t coming off as fast as he wanted it to, what did he do? [00:05:46]
  • Getting older and staying fit…. What does that mean to him? (Strength, muscle mass, and mobility.)[00:07:33]
  • What does he focus on when he is training people? It is difficult for people to change. [00:13:22]
  • What happened when he gave his clients a sugar challenge? [00:16:24]
  • What are some of the common objections from people about changing to primal/paleo life? [00:17:42]
  • How many times should one meet with this trainer? [00:21:35]
  • What was his “AHA!” moment? [00:24:53]
  • What else has he learned along the way that he can share with listeners over 40? [00:30:16]
  • As we get older, the secret is to have the best quality in the years that you have. [00:33:34]

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