Episode 138: Elizabeth Resnick

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Description: Elle Russ chats with a former vegetarian/vegan who became a Marks Daily Apple’s success story —Elizabeth Resnick. Elizabeth is a holistic health coach (and currently enrolled in the Primal Health Coach Program) who believes that all women deserve to feel happy, healthy and hot!  She loves showing busy women how simple lifestyle changes can help them look and feel amazing.  Elizabeth spent over 30 years as a vegetarian, pescatarian, and sometimes vegan. While she was always considered to be healthy, she struggled with cystic acne, digestive issues, and anxiety. These problems were finally resolved after transitioning to a primal lifestyle.

Show Notes:

  • The guest, a former vegetarian, is now deeply involved with the Primal lifestyle. [00:01:49]
  • For decades she was burdened by horrible skin problems for which she tried so many products. [00:05:35]
  • Was it something she was eating, she asked? [00:08:38]
  • What happened when anxiety began to play a role? [00:12:00]
  • She saw her acne disappear by changing her diet after reading about eliminating sugars, grains, and dairy.  [00:14:30]
  • How did she handle the transition from vegetarianism? [00:19:25]
  • How did she get involved with Mark’s Daily Apple? What is her success story? [00:25:10]
  • How does Elizabeth spread her story? [00:31:41]
  • How can you listen to your body and figure out what works for you?   [00:37:31]
  • How does being a sugar burner affect your appetite? [00:39:38]
  • When you start the morning out with a bit of fat, how does that get your going? [00:42:53]
  • Should we eat more vegetables? [00:44:17]
  • They recommend to the listeners to the primal diet a try and see if it works for you. [00:48:47]
  • What are some skin care products Elizabeth really likes? [00:52:12]

Selected Links:
Elizabeth’s email
Elizabeth’s Website
Elizabeth’s Primal Blueprint Success Story

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2 thoughts on “Episode 138: Elizabeth Resnick

  1. Ann

    Great success story…especially if you suffer from acne and skin issues…which can happen in our youth… but also in our middle age years as well (ugh)! Nice to hear I can take control of my appearance and health by simply changing up my diet and using more pure cosmetics. We all want to look younger and feel more vibrant, right?!
    Thanks for the info. Elle and Elizabeth…excited to give some of this advice a try!
    Well worth the listen. 🙂

  2. Margaret

    Mono age 22; vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, pescatarian, eating constantly … been there, done that!
    At the age of 69, I finally saw the light and removed all grains, dairy, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes and included grass-fed meats and pastured chicken, wild salmon etc. Unfortunately, I was not as lucky as Elizabeth since I had developed two autoimmune diseases and severe osteoporosis before I made the switch to paleo/aip. The results since the switch have been nothing short of miraculous. Love the podcast.


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