Episode #14: On All Things Sleep with Mark Sisson


Description: Mark discusses one of the most important – and most neglected – elements of primal living: getting adequate sleep. The discussion covers why we are genetically aligned to sync rest and wake cycles with the rising and setting of the sun, and how our health and energy levels are compromised by high tech modern life hampering the efficient cycling through all phases of sleep. In particular, how hormones like cortisol, melatonin, and serotonin become imbalanced when we introduce artificial light and digital stimulation after dark. Mark describes how to create an optimal sleeping environment (calm, quiet, dark and cool); how to minimize exposure to the blue light spectrum that disturbs melatonin release; how fat reduction goals are compromised by insufficient sleep; how napping can help rebalance your circadian rhythm and refresh brain synapses; how to adjust your sleeping habits based on time of year and your latitude; and how to awaken naturally near sunrise refreshed and energized!

Topic timestamps:
Is sleep really that important?: 00:24
People don’t get enough sleep: 00:51
Ideal sleep environment: 02:08
Dealing with artificial light: 04:00
Blue light: 05:23
Getting a full night’s sleep: 06:45
What happens hormonally?: 07:18
Are you getting enough sleep?: 10:01
Napping: 13.42
What happens when you waken at night: 19:19
What happens when you stay up late and how does it affect weight loss?: 22:04
Intangibles come in to play: 23:31
Tips for a good sleep: 26:00

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2 thoughts on “Episode #14: On All Things Sleep with Mark Sisson

  1. Dustin Heath

    On sleep quality and strategy, I am a career firefighter who routinely am awoke by an emergency of some sort during my sleep. I obviously have no control over this. I sometimes struggle with falling back to sleep after an alarm. Any ideas on how to maximize sleep/rest with these circumstances? I work 24 hours on duty/48 hours off duty.


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