Episode #15: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson


Description: Mark Sisson starts out tackling a “very interesting question full of nuances” from Karl Bendy (PB Seminar presenter) – about the balance between low-carb, fat adapted living and the need to refuel with acceptable carbohydrates to replenish muscle glycogen when performing high intensity glycolytic exercises. Mark’s detailed take on this oft-pondered continuum is to avoid chronic training patterns first and foremost; evaluate your carb intake decisions based on whether you carry excess body fat; adopt an intuitive approach where your intake might fluctuate based on your workout regimens, and finish workouts refreshed and energized instead of craving sugar intensely. Other questions include how food is treated as information by the genes and hormones; how autophagy (programmed cell death) is enhanced by fasting – promoting optimal health and longevity; and how to optimize the use ketones for fuel by the brain and body. Questioners came from disparate locations as far away as Austria, Hawaii, and Thailand!

Topic timestamps:
High intensity weight training and sprint workouts: 00:54
Chronic cardio paradigm: 06:09
Understanding hard training/replenishing glycogen: 08:25
How food communicates with cells: 11:47
Diabetes and leaky gut syndrome: 13:40
Autophagy’s effect on brain: 14:59
What if cells are starving?: 19:06
Why is it the cell’s job to divide?: 20:13
Understanding ketosis: 21:46
Building metabolic machinery: 22:41
Brain’s handling of fats/ketones/glucose: 25:31
Getting out of ketosis: 28:31
Next events: 30:01
New books: 31:01

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