Episode #16: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson


Description: Mark tackles an interesting assortment of questions, including some extensive discussion about sprinting. For example, the difference between sprints on foot and stationary bike sprints with respect to work and rest intervals; the importance of sprint workouts with consistent perceived exertion and intuitive alignment with energy and motivation; implementing the Tabata interval method; and how sprinting can turbocharge fat metabolism and promote weight loss breakthroughs better than any other workout, because of its extreme impact on genetic signaling and metabolic function. Mark also provides a helpful overview of resistant starches and how they act in the body; offers tips on how to successfully introduce primal eating to vegetarians; and the considerations when eating CAFO meat if you can’t afford grass-fed.

Topic timestamps:
Running sprints and recovery: 00:30
Tabatas: 07:06
Understanding metabolic rate’s role: 08:25
Sprinting most efficient workout that promotes weight loss: 11:23
What happens to your appetite?: 15:35
What about swimming?: 16:15
Bone density/joint problems: 17:47
Resistant starches:19:37
Can Primal Blueprint diet be deficient in resistant starches?  23.59
Getting vegetarians to get more protein: 27:00
Safety of meat from regular grocery stores: 30:46

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