Episode #229: Daniel Thomas Hind

Description: Elle Russ chats with Daniel Thomas Hind – the founder of EvolutionEat, a transformational weight loss and lifestyle coaching company designed to help overwhelmed individuals solve their eating, food and dieting problems. Over the past few years, Daniel has specialized in helping busy executives and high performers become more productive at work and create more meaningful lives by prioritizing their health and overcoming unhealthy eating habits. And here’s the kicker…he’s figured out how to make the process fun, so that it lasts forever. Every week, tens of thousands of people read Daniel’s material to learn how to use psychology, mindset and healthy habits to live a more meaningful life.

FREE GIFT! Daniel put together a free gift for you. To get the exclusive EvolutionEat Starter Pack, including an ebook, a welcome video from Daniel, a 1:1 interview with his most successful client, and access to VIP coaching opportunities, just click here.

Daniel also offers various online coaching programs and 1:1 mentoring. For more information, please email him directly at daniel@evolutioneat.com.

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Free Starter Pack
Daniel on LinkedIn
EvolutionEat : Instagram
6 Month Coaching Program
1:1 Coaching

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