Episode #238: Rob Rogers and Gary Millet

Description: Host Brad Kearns talks to Rob Rogers and Gary Millet, Founders of the Real Ketones company, makers of the popular exogenous ketone supplement, Kegenix. Rob and Gary are ground floor guys, having developed a patent for ketone products in concert with noted researcher Dr. Dom D’Agostino. Rob and Gary talk through the best use of ketone supplements, including addressing some common objections and misconceptions about these products.

This show gives you a nice overview of how targeted use of ketone supplements can help you address specific health concerns, help you adhere to a ketogenic diet and drop excess body fat accordingly, and also enhance athletic performance. Brad mentions he likes to consume ketone drinks before, during, and after high intensity sprint workouts, to afford cleaner burning fuel. Enjoy the show and send questions about ketone supplements or other keto related topics to info@ketoreset.com

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2 thoughts on “Episode #238: Rob Rogers and Gary Millet

  1. John Sakelaris

    What would Ironman race day fueling look like using Kegenix? I am doing IM #8 this fall. The first 6 were fueled conventionally. Last year I used UCAN, fat and limited carbs with good results. The suggested use for Kegenix is twice a day. Would IM require another serving? I assume it’s ok to use UCAN with the supplement. How about a gel or two if needed on race day? thanks for all the great info on the Primal Blueprint and Endurance podcasts. I feel Brad is a kindred spirit as we are both the same age and look at life in a similar way.

    1. Team Grok Post author

      Thank you, John. We will see about covering your questions in an upcoming Q&A Podcast episode.


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