Episode #246: Sydney Olson

Description: Host Brad Kearns welcomes professional Parkour athlete and Hollywood stuntwoman Sydney Olson to discuss her unusual career and her amazing experience healing a severe head injury quickly with keto.

Sydney, 25 and based in Los Angeles, has parlayed her penchant for the offbeat activity of Parkour into an actual career. For the uninformed, you have to visit Sydney’s YouTube channel to believe it! Parkour is like a gymnastics meet using real-world infrastructure as equipment. Participants flip, fly, and jump off, over and around buildings, walls, railings and anything else. Her demo reel is only 1:25 long and will blow your mind!

Parkour has actual professional competitions. At a major event in Greece, Sydney was severely injured by an unusual freak accident just before the competition. After successfully completing a trick, she lost her balance and fell several feet backward, landing on her head. She endured post-concussion syndrome pain such as recurring headaches, dizziness, and vomiting. In the months that followed, things weren’t right and her work production was compromised. After a friend suggested keto, she experienced a radical turnaround in her health in only a couple weeks, virtually eliminating the painful neurological symptoms. As Keto Reset enthusiasts understand, her improvement was likely due to the profound anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective benefits of keto. Her traumatized brain was getting more oxygen by burning the cleaner fuel source that is keto, while anti-inflammatory signaling was happening at the genetic level.

Enjoy Sydney discuss her unusual career path, where she once was lit on fire and jumped into a swimming pool for the benefit of Hollywood cameras. Skeptics can dismiss keto as too extreme and too much bacon and butter, but when you can quickly enhance brain function and recover from a traumatic brain injury, it’s quite a profound endorsement for the ketogenic diet…

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One thought on “Episode #246: Sydney Olson

  1. Dr. Janna Vilen

    I am a sports medicine physician and love the podcast. I have treated patients with concussions for a number of years and with all the confusion and complicated nature of concussions I wanted you to be aware of a few things that were incorrect in the podcast in relation to concussions. I realize that was not the point of the podcast but it was revisited and talked about. People listen and although should not use it for medical advice they use it as guidance. I spend much of time talking with patients about Dr. Google and what’s true and not. I work in a regenerative medicine clinic and we are adding medical weight loss and a keto program to help optimize outcomes so I fully understand what traditional doctors and taught and told vs new research and alternate ways to treat patients. Wanted you to be aware the comments on concussion weren’t fully accurate. Thank you for all of work and truly enjoy listening and being able to share information with all my patients as well as for myself!


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