Episode #254: Keto Q&A

Description: Host Brad Kearns dives into the increasingly deep mailbag and pulls out some excellent keto-related questions from real life enthusiasts trying to do the best they can with keto. Brad addresses numerous questions of significance to all enthusiasts, and there are some good practical takeaways from this show. If you have questions, comments, feedback, please email info@ketoreset.com. Enjoy the show and please take the time to leave a review on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts and spread the word to your peeps on social media.

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One thought on “Episode #254: Keto Q&A

  1. Alex Garon

    Hi there, love the podcast!
    I am wondering if I should be taking a greens supplement when I am in ketosis. Sometimes I feel like I am not getting enough daily vegetables and haven’t really heard of many people taking green supplements. Looking forward to your response!




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