Episode #263: Tania Teschke: The Liver Show!

Bordeaux Kitchen author Tania Teschke returns to the show to detail some important matters relating to consuming the most nutrient-dense diet possible. Tania and host Brad Kearns discuss Brian McAndrew’s observation that vegetarianism/veganism might be effective for a small percentage of people with distinct genetic attributes–and how these folks might be the ones who are evangelizing! There is also some conjecture that veganism works because any departure from Standard American Diet with junk food and oxidized oils will improve health, but that over time a diet restricting animal foods can result in depletion and health problems.

Tania relates that her commitment to eating healthy ancestral foods, including unusual stuff like lamb brains and other such stuff you can find at bordeauxkitchen.com. She makes liver a dietary staple because it is the most nutrient dense food on the planet! Tania relates how all offal (organ meats) are dense in mitochondria, boosting our own mitochondrial biogenesis. Her quip that she is more than a “chicken breast and salmon mother” when trying to feed her children healthy takes on special meaning when you consider how most salmon is the highly objectionable farmed Atlantic variety, and that chicken breast and lean cuts of meat in general, are among the least impressive nutrient content of an animal. Go organic or go home if you care about your health, says Tania. This is Tania‘s mission with Bordeaux Kitchen.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #263: Tania Teschke: The Liver Show!

  1. Tamara Donnelly Glass

    I just heard the interview with Tania Teschke and it was fantastic! I’ve ordered her book and can’t wait to read it. Thank you for introducing her to us.

  2. Liver King

    You almost lost a friend by not telling me about this… is a memo too much to ask these days.

    Thank you for the amazing work that you do; you always keep it entertaining and informative.


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