Episode #28: A Case Against Cardio Essay, Part 1


Description: Mark Sisson tries something new with this podcast episode, as he reads an essay based on one of his most popular posts ever on MarksDailyApple.com: “A Case Against Cardio.” The original post, published in June 2007, helped shed light on the concept that extreme endurance training can actually compromise health and increase disease risk. Mark published several follow up posts over the years on the topic of chronic exercise and the ways to avoid the stress and damage caused when exercise patterns drift away from optimal stress/rest balance and into the extreme category.

Mark’s essay covers the original landmark post, along with assorted commentary from follow up posts. For devoted fitness enthusiasts with passions for Crossfit, marathons, triathlons, heavy gym class participation, or even high-energy weekend warriors who are balancing exercise goals with hectic daily life, this is a very important podcast to absorb and ponder carefully how your own exercise and stress management patterns are looking these days.

Next week, Mark will continue the theme with a Chronic Cardio Part 2 podcast where he and host Brad Kearns talk about some of the real-life cases of elite athletes being stricken with serious heart problems, some of the science behind what happens to the body when it’s pushed too hard with insufficient rest, and how you can avoid these negative consequences.

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One thought on “Episode #28: A Case Against Cardio Essay, Part 1

  1. Sue Dziuban

    Hi, I have immersed myself in the last several months with Primal Blueprint books and pod casts. I love the logic behind it all. I find that most pod casts deal with people trying to lose weight or the last 5 or 10 pounds. I come from a different background and believe I’m not alone. I am physically fit and have no weight to lose and are paleo (isk) in my eating, however, I fall into the chronic Cardio scenario (which is why my eating is ish). I am an age group endurance athlete that has built a good portion of my life around it. I own a triathlon club, I am the race director for a local half marathon and I personally spend a good deal of my time weekly working out to compete in endurance events which is also what most of my friends do as well. Unfortunately, it has gone from being fun and social to work and I know I need balance. Once you start having success, you want more and you work harder to get it and you don’t want to fall back. This recent pod cast on chronic cardio was good and I enjoyed the one that was Brad speaking at a conference about his life becoming a professional athlete, but how did both Mark and Brad transition from being chronic cardio endurance athletes that had entire lives built around it to where you are today?


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