Episode #27: Liz and Farhad Mostaedi Talk Work and Life at Primal HQ


Description: Host Brad Kearns talks with Primal Blueprint employees Farhad and Liz, who experience the Primal movement from its epicenter at the Malibu, CA company headquarters. Farhad and Liz discuss how working at Primal Blueprint has helped transform their personal health and fitness, and how they support and motivate each other accordingly—successfully managing the frequently problematic task of integrating one’s significant other into Primal living (as Farhad said, “She said, ‘We can’t have bagels in the house anymore’…and I said, ‘Uh, okay’).

Farhad and Liz also provide a touching and romantic account of how they seamlessly evolved from respectful co-workers to becoming engaged in a short time period….thanks to Liz being the solo attendee (out of a dozen invited co-workers) to Farhad’s art show, and a riot and a rainstorm one crazy night in downtown Los Angeles.

Farhad, who has managed the shipping and production side of the company for over 5 years, describes witnessing the incredible growth in popularity of the Primal Blueprint books and educational products over his time frame. Liz, who is the Community Outreach Manager for Marks Daily Apple and Primal Blueprint Publishing, describes how Internet communication and social media have helped grow and strengthen this thriving community, and slowly but surely challenge and topple flawed conventional wisdom.

This is a casual and insightful conversation from two of the folks who work hard behind the scenes to promote Primal living, and then go home every night to a wonderful little miniature Dachshund, who started eating Primally before either of them!

Topic timestamps:
Why were these two asked to be on the podcast?: 00:29
How did Liz get to Primal Blueprint?: 01:07
How did they get together?: 04:24
Working at Primal Blueprint is different.: 07:18
How does the Primal lifestyle work as a couple?: 12:08
How does Farhad see the benefits?: 15:17
Developing a sensitivity to the transition: 16:51
How does working here affect the employees?: 20:21
How has the company grown?/Farhad’s job: 22:24
Liz’s job/Community Outreach Manager: 23:51
Paleo community supports each other: 25:57

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