Episode #33: Introducing Mike Dilandro, Our First Primal Blueprint Certified Expert!


Description: Host Brad Kearns talks with Mike DiLandro of New Jersey, a Primal Blueprint success story and presenter of the Primal Transformation Seminar and at PrimalCon. Mike was also the very first graduate of the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program. Mike discusses how he came to try out the Primal Blueprint after becoming frustrated that his chronic cardio approach (10 gym workouts each week!) didn’t improve his body composition. After switching to a primal eating pattern and backing off the chronic cardio in favor of more intense workouts and more rest and recovery between intense workouts, Mike lost 25 pounds of excess body fat, ditched his statin medication and resolved his ongoing knee pain.

Mike’s enthusiasm inspired him to get his parents into primal living, off of their statin meds, and with a combined weight loss of 80 pounds. He also took his enthusiasm to his workplace, where he has inspired numerous co-workers to pursue primal eating and writes a outstanding monthly newsletter to inform and inspire his following.

Mike discusses how he built his knowledge base and confidence to eventually present the Primal Transformation Seminar at locations all over the east coast, and also conduct popular presentations at PrimalCon. Mike is a true evangelist and consensus builder for primal living and has had an amazing impact on his friends, family and co-workers. This lively conversation will get you focused and inspired to spread the word like Mike!

Topic timestamps:
How Brad and Mike got together: 00:21
Mike transformed his body quickly: 01:44
Helping his family get interested: 04:29
Reducing inflammation: 07:58
How Mike lost weight and got healthier: 11:19
This is sustainable and can be easy: 12:57
Blood work: 14:42
Mike’s involvement with Primal Blueprint/becoming a presenter: 19:49
Primal Blueprint Certification training: 27:14
Tips for presenting: 29:08
Primal Blueprint services for corporations: 32:48

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One thought on “Episode #33: Introducing Mike Dilandro, Our First Primal Blueprint Certified Expert!

  1. Brad

    Amazing episode! I love the added information on cholesterol! It seems to be the number one concern out here in Los Angeles. So much misinformation. If our company were a dash bigger, I’d totally want you guys to hold a seminar!


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