Episode 39: Interview with Vinnie Tortorich, America’s Angriest Trainer


Description: Host Brad Kearns talks to Vinnie Tortorich, “America’s Angriest Trainer!” Vinnie is a popular Hollywood trainer known for helping celebs drop weight quickly with his simple, no-nonsense NSNG strategy (No Sugar, No Grains). Vinnie describes getting his foothold in Hollywood by helping an obese employee of Playboy Enterprises lose a couple hundred pounds. Consequently, he caught the attention of the organization and was soon enrolled to help keep centerfolds in top shape after they received their windfall and started indulging in food accordingly.

Vinnie is the author of Fitness Confidential and hosts the popular Angriest Trainer Podcast. He has hosted a very impressive assortment of guests in his 300+ shows, including many leading endurance athletes and primal/paleo authors.

In this show, Vinnie describes that he is not an angry person, but he’s angry on your behalf for the flaws in the conventional wisdom approach to fitness that result in struggling, suffering, and failed weight loss efforts. He blames trainers for not walking their talk and presiding over failed efforts of clients due to an overly stressful approach that fails to account for the importance of healthy, primal-aligned eating habits. Vinnie’s advice for trainers trying to break into the big time is to do good work and let the rest happen naturally.

Vinnie describes how his book covers an assortment of topics not found in other fitness books, like how to discern a good personal trainer from a bad one, and how to create an effective coach/athlete relationship for triathletes or runners. He offers an epic quote about the triathlon scene these days where, “it seems like there are more coaches doing the sport than there are participants.” Vinnie is a lively character with sharp and refreshing opinions, making for a fun and entertaining show.

Topic timestamps:
Introducing Vinnie Tortorich: 01:17
Building training program: 04:33
What a trainer really is: 07:56
NSNG (No Sugar, No Grains): 10:35
What is the strategy of Vinnie’s training: 13:01
Endurance training: 16:20
“Fitness Confidential”: 19:54
How to pick a good coach: 22:00

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