Episode #41: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson


Description: First up, Mark details his revised stance on alcohol for the Primal Blueprint. Previously listed as a “sensible indulgence,” he discusses how alcohol’s less obvious health drawbacks have come to light, which spurred a reevaluation of the subject.

Second, Mark mentions why The Primal Blueprint advocates the consumption of fatty meats, instead of the often mentioned refrain to consume “lean meats” that has been connected with the Paleo movement.

Next, Mark answers some questions about how the Primal approach to eating can help repair unhealthy emotional and psychological attachments to food.

Then, he addresses the multiple health benefits of becoming a “fat burning beast,” which allows the body to require fewer calories to sustain energy and metabolic function.

Finally, Mark talks about how to deal with confirmation bias in his research and writing, i.e., how to fight against the urge to automatically have what you read agree with what you already believe.

Topic timestamps:
Alcohol use: 01:22
Eating healthy, fatty meats: 05:56
Certification: 07:41
Nuts/burning belly fat: 10:02
Is it different for women starting the program?: 16:41
Anorexic doesn’t want to lose weight: 19:36
Emotional attachment to food: 23:00
Know when you are hungry or not: 25:52
Eating during the holiday season: 28:49
Don’t just sit there: 30:58
Low Carb Flu: 33:34
Mark’s writings/research: 37:33

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One thought on “Episode #41: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson

  1. sheila

    Your comments re alcohol and the 3 am “wake up call” are spot on for me. Even a glass or 2 of wine for me is doing this to me now . As a result I am drinking less and less and definitely cutting out the everyday drinking habit.


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