Episode #48: World Speedgolf Champion Rob Hogan


Description: Host Brad Kearns speaks with the fastest golfer in the world, Rob Hogan, who’s from Galway, Ireland. Rob is the 2013 Speedgolf World Champion and 2014 runner-up. He covers a championship caliber course in under 40 minutes while shooting in the 70s! Rob is a professional athlete dedicated full-time to Speedgolf and running at an elite level. (01:00)

Rob details the fascinating flow-state elements of this sport that make it a truly Primal activity. Indeed, Speedgolf is a far cry from the time consuming, over-analytical, non-exertive game (which uses carts for transportation) that most are familiar with. (06:20)

Rob tells an engaging story about how he had powerful visions of a Fanta orange soda during a 17-mile training run, which he endured without added calories or hydration. Because he pushed on despite “bonking” (depleting blood glucose levels), he possibly rewired his appetite hormone, called ghrelin, which led his body to prefer fat and ketones instead of glucose. Remarkably, Rob reports that his sugar cravings ceased following that episode. (11:50)

Dr. Cate Shanahan weighs in with some commentary about the scientific aspects of this incredible anecdote from Rob’s run. (17.10)

Today, Rob’s dietary patterns are not strictly defined, but he avoids sugar and chooses his carbs carefully, emphasizing potatoes and sweet potatoes like a good Irishman. (18:00)

Brad asks, “How do we choose which carbohydrates to keep in our diet?” (21:30)

Rob talks about his daily training regimen for golf and long distance running. He says that a slow paced run is the best way to train in all sports that require running and stopping. (22:26)

Check out the interesting sport of Speedgolf by watching Rob do his thing on YouTube. You can also follow Rob on Twitter.

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