Episode 47: Interview with Dr. Alessandra Wall—Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach, & CrossFit Certified Trainer


Description: Brock Armstrong interviews Dr. Alessandra Wall, who has been presenting at PrimalCons about topics in psychology. This podcast talks about how we can get what we want out of life. Her website is: LifeinfocusSanDiego.com.

Alessandra gives an outline of the work she does based in San Diego. She is a nutrition consultant and her field of interest is the psychology of eating. That field has now evolved in to dealing with anxiety and stress. She became involved in the primal/paleo field and uses that in her work, too. (01:40)

They talk about how difficult it is for people to change, how food and culture give us identity, and how these factors can create a disconnect with diet. (05:30)

There is a neurological and biological impact from food that makes it difficult for us to shift away from the comfort of what we know. Trying to change causes us stress and anxiety because of the emotional connection we have to food. (05:59)

She explains her concept of “Real Wealth.” She defines it as having the freedom to live life the way you want. People need to learn what is valuable to them in order to attain fulfillment. So many people are in the rat race, which leads to burnout. (10:18)

One might wonder, “What do I have to sacrifice to make these changes?” Her answer: you have to have the guts, but the payoff is great. She talks about balancing your priorities. (16:40)

She asks: Imagine you are in your 80s and a younger person asks you, “Did you live your life well?” How do you justify your response? (19:40)

Adults often answer what they think society expects them to say. (22:00)

How do I get a version of this in my life? Answer: by reprioritizing what is important. How can I use what I have learned? Dr.Wall coaches you by digging deeper into what you have said that matters. She looks at the emotional connection. (24:00)

Everybody has the opportunity to have a piece of that real wealth. (29:44)

Brock requests resources for people to explore her work. (30:47)

Check out some of her sites/services:
Life In Focus San Diego for therapy and coaching options.
Real Wealth Equation for lifestyle coaching.
Real Health Equation for nutrition coaching.

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