Episode #5: Supplementation with Mark Sisson


Description: In this podcast, Mark Sisson discusses the rationale for why supplementation can be considered in pursuit of a healthy Primal lifestyle. Starting with the question of whether we need to supplement or not and how it aligns with the primal/paleo dietary philosophy, Sisson explains that the influences of hectic modern life and the limitations of modern dietary options might call for use of certain dietary supplements in a strategic manner. For example, taking vitamin D in the wintertime when sun exposure is unavailable. Sisson covers various popular categories of supplements, the reasons to use them, and how to select for high quality products. The categories of supplements discussed are vitamin D, omega-3 fish oil, multivitamins, antioxidants, probiotics, and high protein meal replacements.

Topic timestamps:
The Primal Blueprint and supplementation: 00:44
Dealing with stress: 02:51
Vitamin D: 05:07
Omega 3s: 07:55
How to judge quality: 10:30
Antioxidants: 16:04
Damage control: 18:58
Probiotics: 19:31
Primal Fuel: 22:30
Compare other powders: 24:28
Whey protein isolate: 25:42
Risks: 29:12

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2 thoughts on “Episode #5: Supplementation with Mark Sisson

  1. Drumroll

    Mark, you talk about how amazing phosphadytal serine is. What is your response the fact that these days you can ONLY source supplemental phosphadytal serine from soybeans?

  2. Michael Brown

    I’m disabled Veteran and VA has had me on medications 23 yrs for severe Anxiety disorder. Agoraphobia, Sleep disorder, IBS, ( Which raw oatmeal with just tap water helps IBS INSTEAD of taking that med. PTSD, Sciatica & chronic pain.
    I do have low Testosterone from last labs. My selfcare is water aerobics, lap swimming., biking weather permits n Fly fishing. 270 Lbs from 293 only 5 ft 6…can I get help with all the meds I’m on trying yr program??? Or do you have specific program for people on many medd ? I really need help because I biked myself to 195 7 years ago n never felt better. But I’m flat stuck at 270. Because of chronic pain now n more meds there is much less I can do each day…crazy thing is I eat pretty light even skip meals and portion control just to kp at 270…i really need your advice please . Michael


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