Episode 58: Eli Rohde

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Description: Primal Blueprint Certified Expert Elle Russ guest hosts today’s podcast where she interviews her good friend (and fellow Certified Expert) Eli Rohde. Eli, an aesthetician, yoga instructor, and Primal coach, talks to Elle about how, after spending years as a vegetarian, she suffered from an assortment of health problems before discovering Primal-style eating, which changed her life forever. Eli details her previous maladies, such as joint pain and chronic inflammation, which she correlated with grain consumption after a 21-day cleanse and food reintroduction. Five years into primal living, Eli describes having more energy, absence of joint pain or inflammation symptoms, and even improved skin health. The latter is a topic of particular interest to Eli in her practice as an esthetician. She has convinced many clients to consider the link between diet and skin health with great success. You can learn more about Elle at paleoprimalcoach.com and about Eli at paleoagent.com. These two ladies are passionate, energetic ambassadors of Primal living—with deep expert knowledge to boot!

Show Notes:

  • Mark Sisson, Primal Kitchen, and an avocado oil-based mayo that will knock your socks off. [00:58]
  • Eli Rhode: paleo coach, Primal Blueprint Certified Expert, registered yoga teacher and licensed esthetician. [01:28]
  • The lure of Ethiopian food, over 20 years of vegetarianism, and making the switch to Primal eating. [01:58]
  • Can food make your joints hurt? How elimination diets can help identify common food intolerances. [04:23]
  • Once you go grain-free, you never go back—and here’s why. [08:42]
  • Autoimmune disease, grains, and MarksDailyApple.com. [09:40]
  • Primal vegetarianism and hunger pangs. [12:02]
  • Making the switch to eating meat, grappling with food identity, and staying true to your ethics while doing so. [13:20]
  • Was there social backlash when transitioning out of vegetarianism? [20:37]
  • Fuller stomach, better sleep, no more inflammation, and no more “bonking.” [22:10]
  • Primal skin! How a Primal diet affects skin health. [26:41]
  • Vegetarian identity and an equitable view of the diet in general. [31:40]
  • Challenging, inspiring, life altering: How the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification can change lives for the better. [34:22]
  • Raising grain-free chickens and the boon of fresh eggs. [41:29]
  • Bone broth: a cure-all super food that’s simple to make. [42:57]Where can you get some choice grass-fed meat? [46:47]

Selected Links from the Episode:
Tendergrass Farms
Diamond Mountain Ranch
Primal Kitchen

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One thought on “Episode 58: Eli Rohde

  1. Brad

    What an awesome listen 🙂 Elle’s got a fantastic interviewing voice. It’s always interesting to hear how people stumble onto MDA. I really want to take the certification course, but man, most of this still way over my head lol, I adore the fact that the majority of the primal community is pretty well educated, there’s always something new to learn.


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