Episode 64: Elle Russ & Eli Rohde


Description: Two young dynamic Paleo women, Elle Russ and Eli Rhode, present an information packed podcast about their own personal experiences with the Primal/Paleo lifestyle. They discuss the misconceptions, excuses, and objections that prevent people from taking the plunge, and offer their own wisdom and encouragement in response. They cover topics spanning saturated fat, the U.S. food pyramid, vegetarianism, going Primal on a budget, and CrossFit. Each offers their own personal coaching service, which you can learn more about at Paleoagent.com and PaleoPrimalcoach.com.

Show Notes:

  • Saturated fats and cholesterol: good or bad? [01:13]
  • What does it actually mean to be Paleo? [04:12]
  • The U.S. Government food pyramid and why its recommendations on whole grains is outdated [05:39]
  • Moderation, cheat foods, and giving up non-Primal favorites [10:46]
  • The Vegetarian Myth, Paleo environmentalism, and how veganism isn’t necessarily the solution to our eco-worries [14:58]
  • What about people who don’t have a gall bladder?  Can they eat fat? [19:11]
  • What’s CrossFit’s relationship to Paleo living and how do you avoid over-training? [20:05]
  • Tips on how to live a Primal/Paleo lifestyle on a budget [24:31]
  • What does it mean to live 80/20? [31:29]

Selected Links from the Episode:
Dr. Oz and Mark Sisson
Primal Cravings
The Vegetarian Myth

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