Episode 69: Ted McDonald


Description: Elle chats with Ted McDonald, who is a yoga teacher, endurance athlete, fitness trainer and entrepreneur. With over a decade of experience teaching yoga, Ted founded a company called Adventures Yoga Retreats, which takes people on fitness excursions to transform their lives. In addition, Ted is also the designated yoga teacher for the Tour de France BMC racing team. In today’s show, he discusses his journey to adopting a primal lifestyle after finding out, as a self-perceived fit individual, that he was insulin resistant. He hones in on the fundamentals of yoga practice, how many carbs to include in your diet, and the compatibility of endurance training with a primal diet.

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Show Notes:

  • How Ted was led to the paleo/primal way of living because of insulin resistance. [01:09]
  • Should you carb load for an endurance sporting event? [05:24]
  • How the surprise of insulin resistance at age 40 was a wake up call. [09:45]
  • How an “E Test” can help determine your genetic predisposition to processing carbs. [14:09]
  • What’s a primal way to determine your recommended carb intake? [16:16]
  • Spanish runner Kílian Jornet Burgada and his record setting time. [22:12]
  • Is insulin resistance reversible through carbohydrate management? [26:23]
  • How Ted transitioned to a lower carb lifestyle. [30:30]
  • Hunger, fat adaptation, and the need for fewer calories. [39:36]
  • The importance of medical testing: you may look fine on the outside, but that might not tell the whole story. [43:13]
  • A yoga class with a more athletic edge. [50:09]
  • You can learn more about Ted’s retreats at Adventureyogaretreats.com. If you’re up for one soon, he has one planned for Machu Picchu on June 6th through the 13th. You can also check out his YouTube Channel and website: 5PointYoga.com.

Selected Links from the Episode:
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BMC Racing Team
E Test
FKT (Fastest Known Time)
Kîlian Jornet Burgada
Machu Picchu Retreat
Ted McDonald
Timothy Noakes
The Blood Code
Why We Get Fat

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Enjoy a special promotion from this episode’s sponsor: DNAFit.com. Click here and enter the code PRIMALBLUEPRINT at checkout for a whopping 30% off your own personal genetic test!

4 thoughts on “Episode 69: Ted McDonald

  1. Linda

    After listening to the podcasts I like to go back and read the transcript. I don’t see that there is a transcript of the podcast anymore. I am missing it somewhere?

    Thank you, Linda

    1. Team Grok Post author

      Hi, Linda,

      We opted for the summary format (including important links) for all our newer episodes, instead of providing a complete transcript. They give a quicker snapshot of what went down in the episode along with relevant information to the topics that were discussed. Thanks for listening, Linda!

  2. Amanda

    Great podcast. Love hearing about real applications. Just wanted to let you know that I tried using the DNAFIT code and it didn’t work.


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