Episode 71: Laird Hamilton


Description: Mark Sisson hosts this podcast and joins his Malibu neighbor, Laird Hamilton, who is known by many as the ultimate man’s man and fearless amidst the most powerful natural forces on earth. To give you an idea of how he gained that reputation, last year he shot the Malibu Pier on a standup paddle board—and the very next day he saved a man from drowning at the same beach.  Out of the water, Laird is one of the busiest guys around, with an assortment of fitness-related entrepreneurial ventures like the amazing Golfboard and Total Wave Fitness machine.

The two talk about Rolfing, breathing technique, and how to maintain motivation through innovation and variation. They also discuss their shared affinity for cold water plunges, minimally processed foods and a highly intuitive, primal-style approach to eating. Laird is a wealth of deep experience and raw intuitive knowledge for physical peak performance and healthy living. So enjoy this fabulous show full of tidbits, insights and causes for reflection.

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Show Notes:

  • What’s a Rolfing sequence and what are some useful breathing techniques? [02:00]
  • How does learning to breathe in a new way affect performance? [03:40]
  • Laird’s fitness philosophy. [06:21]
  • What motivates Laird to continue with his rigorous pattern of exercise? [08:14]
  • Why use a heart monitor? [13:57]
  • Does Laird’s training theory hold up in life-threatening situations? [16:35]
  • What’s a Rolfing experience like? [19:24]
  • The advantages of using an unheated pool. [22:29]
  • How does Laird relate to food? [30:08]
  • The importance of intuition when eating. [34:41]
  • What are the benefits of minimalist shoes and being barefoot? [35:48]
  • How much sleep does Laird get? [38:05]
  • How does he handle jet lag? [38:44]
  • What other activities does Laird have going on? [40:39]

Selected Links from the Episode:
Laird Hamilton
Total Wave Fitness machine
Laird shoots the Malibu Pier
Laird saves a man from drowning

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Enjoy a special promotion from this episode’s sponsor: DNAFit.com. Click here and enter the code PRIMALBLUEPRINT at checkout for a whopping 30% off your own personal genetic test!

5 thoughts on “Episode 71: Laird Hamilton

  1. Rob

    Link’s not working [for me.] “Download Episode #71 here (right click to “Save As”)” – “Failed, The server could not find the file.”

  2. digitalepiphany

    The download link doesn’t work. Chrome says that the server cannot find the file. IE just says that it cannot download. I’ve tried on two different computers. I have to download this so that I can listen to it later. Looking forward to it. Thanks.

    1. Team Grok Post author

      Thank you for the heads up! The link should now work so you can download the episode. Enjoy!


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