Episode 72: Mark Sisson, Brad Kearns, & Elle Russ


Description: Join three popular Primal Blueprint Podcast hosts as they get together for the first time and shoot the breeze. Mark talks about his interview with Laird Hamilton and shares some memorable insights about motivation, innovation and intuition. Elle asks each ex-endurance star about his motivation to exercise and how it’s evolved over time. Brad and Mark talk about the difference between a “fun” race and a “positive” one.

Mark also recaps his Paleo f(x) presentation and how people received his message of Primal leniency. Other topics include: Will paleo continue to grow and gain more mainstream traction? How do you get people enthused about paleo/primal living (especially if they’re not initially receptive)? How do most people come across the paleo/primal lifestyle in the first place?

Finally, Mark and Elle offers some suggestions for how to get started with primal/paleo eating, even in the face of some seriously engrained habits.

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Show Notes:

  • Mark compares his training theory with that of a recent podcast guest, Laird Hamilton, who believes in innovative and varied activities rather than routine. [01:04]
  • What happens when you don’t have a goal anymore? [06:52]
  • What motivates Brad and Mark at this point in their lives? [08:26]
  • Is there anything fun about running? [13:04]
  • “Struggle gives richness and meaning to life.” (Roger Bannister) [17:26]
  • What did Mark learn at Paleo f(x)? What are some memorable stories he took away? [18:27]
  • Has the primal/paleo thing leveled off? [23:52]
  • From stories of desperation to stories of success: how do people validate that the primal lifestyle is working for them? [26:58]
  • Carbs are not just grains: the importance of learning the details and definitions of a good diet. [29:01]
  • How do you find people who are receptive to positive change and how do you hit that opening to give them the chance to take the 21-day challenge? [30:13]
  • How do you deal with a loved one who is not following a healthy path? [35:30]
  • People who appear fit can still be out of shape and more fragile than they realize. [37:20]
  • The story of someone with Hashimoto’s disease who changed their life with primal/paleo principles. [40:53]
  • If there’s a listener out there who’s interested in this, what is the first step they could take? [42:04]

Selected Links from the Episode:
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Enjoy a special promotion from this episode’s sponsor: DNAFit.com. Click here and enter the code PRIMALBLUEPRINT at checkout for a whopping 30% off your own personal genetic test!

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