Episode 98: Stacy Toth


Description: On today’s special show, Mark Sisson himself takes some time to interview Stacy Toth in the Malibu studios. Stacy blogs about a family-friendly approach to an ancestral lifestyle at the popular website, PaleoParents.com. A full-time working professional, Stacy incorporates her paleo beliefs in everything that she does. By utilizing a walking desk in a corporate setting, sharing paleo creations at work events, and mastering the art of eating paleo on the go, Stacy has successfully maintained a 100+ pound weight-loss for more than five years now.

Motivated by her passion for teaching others about healthy living, Stacy has been a speaker at national conferences focusing on health and wellness, appeared on television shows to share her story, been interviewed by leading national publications (such as Woman’s World Magazine) and has appeared on international radio shows and podcasts. Stacy has authored multiple bestselling paleo cookbooks, such as Eat Like a DinosaurBeyond Bacon, and Real Life Paleo, as well as the popular ebooks 3 Phase Paleo and Paleo to Go. In addition, the Paleo Parents’ award-winning recipes have been featured in several national publications and on many websites.

During today’s talk, Mark captures Stacy’s journey to getting fit within a corporate environment and delves deep into her tips for anyone looking to do the same. What are the benefits to switching to a standing and/or treadmill desk? Are there downsides? What are the hurdles to making the switch in a corporate environment? Find out the answers to some of these and other questions in today’s conversation.

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Show Notes:

  • Stacy’s story of revolutionizing her family’s health though the paleo/primal lifestyle. [00:02:22]
  • How does she give her sons the power to choose what to eat? [00:05:24]
  • How does Stacy’s treadmill desk fit into her daily routine? [00:09:48]
  • Doesn’t working at a treadmill desk affect your ability to work? Are you burning calories? [00:13:44]
  • How did she deal with management at her office when she wanted to install the treadmill desk? Any tips for others looking to do the same? [00:19:09]
  • How much do sitting and walking come into play during Stacy’s day? [00:22:38]
  • How is Stacy dealing with the back injury that she has?  What about her training? [00:24:06]
  • What other ways has the treadmill desk enhanced her health and fitness? [00:26:20]
  • What advice would she give to someone interested in having a treadmill desk at the office? [00:31:00]

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